Dreams and Memories

“I’ve dreamt of storms, I’ve dreamt of sound
I’ve dreamt of gravity keeping us around”

I jolted up from my sleep. It was still dim, with stars beaming through my curtains, shining into my window. Something in my dream startled me awake, yet I couldn’t recall what it was. I laid there staring at my ceiling, imagining the night sky.

All I remembered was him, and the memories lingered through my mind. Dreams were the only thing keeping the reminiscence alive. As I gazed at the dreary sky, I reflected within my conscious, remembering why everything went so bad.

As time went on it became harder to grasp an image of my old memories. I realized finding and focusing on myself was better than reminiscing over something that wasn’t right.

“If I could travel through time, I think I
Would tell myself from the past, “You’ll be fine””

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