❗Don’t Walk. RUN to Your Nearest Bookstore Now❗

The manga Cells at Work! describes the life of a group of people that are actually anthropomorphized cells of a human body. The main characters are AE3803, a rookie red blood cell, and U-1146, a relentless white blood cell. However, there are characters for killer T Cells, macrophages, monocytes, eosinophils, memory cells, dendritic cells, platelets, and many more. Throughout the manga, there are different types of bacteria and viruses that attack the body and the characters all work together to fight them off.

Each of the characters has a lot of depth with them. They all have different and unique personalities that some people can really relate to. For example, the red blood cell is clumsy and often gets lost but is still determined to complete her mission. The white blood cell is very soft-spoken and gentle even though his mission is to solely kill off invaders.

Believe it or not, the manga Cells at Work is actually biologically accurate. Doctor Mike, a famous family doctor with over ten million subscribers on youtube did a reaction to the series. Throughout his video on it, he points out the fascinating accuracy with the over-the-top tone. You can read this manga without the fear of getting fed misinformation. Instead, you will be gaining knowledge in a fun way.

If you are into science or anything related to that, this is the manga for you. It combines accurate sciencey things with the cool drawings and plot of a manga. The book even tells you what certain cells of the body can do on certain pages as shown on the right. It’s basically a biology lesson compiled together in a way that is a lot more fun to learn than sitting in your average classroom.

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