“I took an arrow to the heart”. As I stood at the front of the class I looked up from my paper to see the whole class staring at me, dazed and confused. Everyone had a scar, it was how we lived and everyone knew what it meant. If it was in your leg, then it meant you were destined to be rich and successful, while if it was on your arm, you were doomed to be a peasant. On your tenth birthday, you felt a sharp pain in the area of your scar, and as it slowly appeared then it became clear what you were cut out to be. My birthday was completely normal; until it wasn’t. All of my older siblings got their scar on their leg, so I was expected to be the same. However, as I blew out my candles, I felt a sharp pain in my chest and I struggled to breathe. I panicked, which as you can imagine made it worse, and as it subsided, I realized; it was my scar! I was terrified though because no one had ever heard of a scar over their heart before. Today was the day we were to present our scar to the class and meet our peers of our own ranks. That brings us to where we are today, presenting day. All of the other kids in my class were proudly showing off their scars on their legs, and those with the scar on their arms walked up timidly to the front. As I told my story everyone stared at me like I was some freak thing from another planet. No one knew what to tell me, except for my teacher. She walked up to me and had me sit down. She explained to me that this mark was going to change my life, and that it meant I was meant to be sent away. My heart was poisoned, and I was going to draw evl closer and closer to my town. It couldn’t be, it was impossible. Not me. Yesterday I was playing soccer with my friends and walking my dog and today I am being sent away from everything I knew and loved. I wish I had told everyone what they meant to me, or not said such horrible things to some people. I have spent the past 7 years filling my mind with things I wish I could do, or could have done. I wish I could have done it all differently. I wish I could see my family again. “In another life”.

The One That Got Away (Katy Perry song) - Wikipedia

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