I thought I Found the One

(This is very fictional)

“Oh, for you I would have done whatever, and I just can’t believe we ain’t together”

In the midst of a global pandemic, I found sadness and stress, and had only video games and food to answer these emotions. It wasn’t until a happy soul found me and spread their happiness to me, saving me from this hole I had put myself in and helped me become normal  person again. I found overwhelming amounts of joy talking to them and could release all my feelings to them.

“I’ll buy you anything, I’ll buy you any ring”

After allowing myself to become so attached, I felt as though I would do anything for them. They were an extremely large priority of my time and life. Almost every action I performed throughout my day was through this one amazing person. 

“I thought you’d always be mine”

Until suddenly, they vanished from my life. It was if everything created was suddenly destroyed at random, leaving me in a rough setting. 

I would then ask: 

“When you broke down I didn’t leave ya, I was by your side, So where are you  now that I need ya?”

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