We Are Not Promised Tomorrow

“I was distracted

And in traffic

I didn’t feel it

When the earthquake happened

But it really got me thinkin”

I was panicked and had to make sure you were okay, I tried calling you but it sent me to voicemail right away.

I didn’t know what to do so I grab my keys, hopped in the car and started driving your way.

I arrived at the house and rang the bell on your porch, No one answered, I hated this day even more.

I went around to back, just to find you on the floor, with no way in, I used a rock to break the glass door.

I laid you in my car with tears in my eyes, there’s blood on your shirt, If I don’t go now you could die.

I rushed to the hospital and ran you inside, I yelled “we need help, this woman will die.”

The doctor rushed in and laid two finger on her neck, for a sign of life was to be checked. 

The doctor looked up at me and I could see doubt in his face, He said to me “Sorry sir but it’s too late” 

And then…

“I woke up in tears, with you by my side

A breath of relief, and I realized

No, we’re not promised tomorrow”

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