What Creeps in the Night

“This morning I woke up still dreaming, with memories playing through my head”

-Two of Us

I still see their faces in the daytime. I’m still dreading for the time when IT comes again. This time, this time I will be prepared. I will NOT fall for the same trick again. As night falls, I still my heartbeat, I observe my surroundings, and I look straight forward…

“…Ready for It?”

-Are you ready for it?

Thump! Thump! All around me, sounds erupt. ITS coming… The ocean breeze, filled with salt, comes through the window. The smell… It’s the same smell that woke me up last night. The same smell that I will never forget. Aerkk! I whipped my head towards my bedroom door. The old, wooden floorboards continue to whine under someone’s, no something’s weight. The rotting, decaying smell, carried by the wind, wafts under my nose.

“Our time is running out, You can’t push it underground”

– Time is Running Out

My breathing gets heavier as the sound creeps closer. Chills run down my arms as a shadow drifts closer. I take slow, deliberate steps back. As the shadow grows bigger and bigger, my eyes start darting around the room. My focus is on the growing darkness as my back hits the hard wall. My panic rises, I have nowhere to go. I watch helpless as the door shakes with the strength of that.. that thing! BASHOOM!

“The sharp knife of a short life. Well, I’ve had just enough time”

– If I die Young

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