“But i’ll remember you”

All I want by: Kodaline

“ When you said your last goodbye,

I died a little bit inside”

                              “I lay in tears in bed all night

                              Alone without you by my side”

“Our love was made for movie screens”

And it felt like a magical dream!

I feel like this pain will never stop and i’ll keep sinking in a deeper hole

You were the one who made my life uplifting and exhilarating.

Now that you’re gone so is my passion.

I’m afraid I might forget you and all the wonderful memories we made together

Six Feet Under by: Billie Eilish 

“It’s all too much for me”

                              “I can’t help but wonder”

“Our love is six feet under”

And i’m reminded that this love can’t die as easily.

Our love was strong and unbreakable.

With my broken heart, i’ll try to slowly peace myself together.

Six Feet Under by: Billie Eilish

“But i’ll remember you”

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