Action for Earth

2 degrees. Less than 2 degrees. Scientific reports show that if the climate of the Earth rises 1.5+ degrees Celsius, our planet will start to see detrimental effects on our environments around us. Due to our society’s vain actions in repeated use of fossil fuels, creation of waste, deforestation of natural environments, and more, climate change has become more of an urgent problem by the year. Climate change is not irreversible, but it also is impossible to turn the tide of our planet’s direction toward rising temperatures without the contribution of most humans. Through a simple change in pace of every human’s daily life, climate change can be stopped through actions such as turning off electronic devices when unused, recycling and reducing waste, and minimizing gas usage.

As a start, simply unplugging and turning off any devices that require electric power while they are not in use can greatly contribute to the prevention of climate change. As use of electricity lessens the amount available, causing more production of electricity, and also pollutes our environment, we can collectively lead to a better direction by turning off our power to heal our world as Stuart Kestenbaum conveys, “it’s not only our hearts that are broken, but the heart of the world as well.”

Though most obvious and greatly emphasized, yet sometimes ignored, recycling and reducing our amount of waste we create is one of the most impactful ways of leading our Earth in the right direction to clean air, environments, and ultimately, averting the destruction of our planet from climate change. BLACKPINK’s Rosé states, “I realized the seriousness of this problem, after noticing the amount of waste the Earth is collecting each year,” addressing the urgency of a need for change through trash reduction. By merely placing your plastic and waste in a bin two inches away from the ground or recycling instead of a waste basket, you can prevent the destruction of our Earth.

With gas and carbon emission being a main contributor to pollution, global warming, and the status of our atmosphere layers, you can directly fight against it by choosing to walk or bike to places in a close distance and to use gas emitting vehicles and machines less often. If reasonable, performing actions such as biking or walking to school and other activities can impactfully benefit the environment of our air. As us humans have caused this problem and brought it upon ourselves, “it is your nature” that we should be fixing and contributing to healing this problem amongst us. Even if it may seem like more work, using gas powered vehicles less in your everyday life has a greater and positive impact in reviving our Earth’s environment.

In short, all these actions are things you and many others around you and around the world are capable of doing, and if done, can benefit the state of our planet greatly. Simply reminding yourself to use less energy from electronics and machinery in your control, recycling plastic waste and throwing away and lessening your waste amount, and reducing gas emissions by avoiding car usage, when possible, can help our Earth fight the climate crisis in vast ways. Climate change is increasingly becoming a more and more dire situation, but with the collective help of you, the people in your community, and the people of our world, we can restore our planet and ecosystems to preserve our Earth’s natural beauty.

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