Big Group of Friends Vs. Small Group of Friends

I passed these larger groups of friends, laughing and enjoying each other’s presence, I wanted that. Well of course, who wouldn’t want a large group of friends to rely on. People want to feel popular and very well-liked so large friend groups are not uncommon but are they worth the emotional toll on one’s person? Having that mindset roots from my experience with the media, such as social houses (Hype House & Team 10), T.V. shows, and various movies. Based on my experience, a larger group of friends creates more division than union. While my team was making an infographic about “How to Spot a Fake Friends?”, I came across a sentence that ties in with having a bunch of friends, “They talk about you behind your back.” You would just never know who is talking about you and who to trust. I also do not want to just sit here and talk badly because there are a bunch of good reasons to have a big group of friends. As I had mentioned, you can just feel when those friends look like they are enjoying themselves and are happy. Those moments of happiness make you want to join them because it looks like they have perfect lives. 

I have a clear bias towards having a small group of friends because well, I am a part of a small group. Constantly, I feel the need to compare myself to people that have way more friends than me. Prioritizing quality over quantity is a mindset to live by when you get the feeling of not enough. People can “comprehend the existence and substance of myriad relationships” because we as humans want other people in our lives. There are small groups of friends everywhere, even in large groups, people tend to lean towards people they favor. You cannot emotionally invest in everyone but in a smaller group, you can give your time. But your time is also valuable because as we grow up, we definitely have more responsibilities so there is no point in wasting your time on someone that would eventually leave. I do think that having a small friend group is better than having a big friend group.

Either you have a large friend group or a small friend group, at least you can say you got friends. In the end, what matters most is if you feel like yourself when you are with the other people in your life. Surprisingly, having friends would bring you lots of happiness which is ultimately my goal. “The booth’s popularity arose from a perfect storm of chance and timing…” like how your friends would become your friends once the timing is right.

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