Climate Change – An Endless Battle

Climate change has been one of the most pressing issues in recent decades, and it is only growing worse as time goes on.  Climate change refers to long-term changes in the weather that last decades, centuries, or even millennia. It is caused by rapidly rising greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere, mostly as a result of the combustion of fossil fuels. There have been numerous conventions and lectures about how to halt climate change, but let’s talk about what it’s done to the Earth so far, so we can better understand what we’re trying to prevent from getting worse.

Polar bear habitats are dwindling, and animals are suffering as a result of people taking advantage of their inability to defend themselves or speak up for themselves. Polar bears are just one example, but since they rely on the ice and glaciers which are rapidly melting, their situation is seen most often, and is one of the most devastating. This is similar to the short film Scavengers, in which animals were harmed because people exploited them for personal gain. Even if it is not intentional, creatures are suffering because of the second hand effects of our world and life. The more air pollution or deforestation we cause, the more their health suffers, which isn’t right at all. Also, according to the video Lost and Found, everything requires food and shelter to be happy. People and animals alike are facing food and shelter shortages as a result of habitat loss, over hunting, natural disasters, and other issues. Animals are losing their habitats and ecosystems, as well as their typical feeds, forcing them to seek alternative sources of nutrition, which in turn causes those food supplies to decrease. I have given this phenomenon the name ‘dominoes of death,’ because the fall of one species eventually leads to the extinction of another nearby, and so on.

Additionally, human health is already being impacted by climate change. Weather and climate patterns can put people’s lives in jeopardy. One of the most dangerous weather trends is heat. Hurricanes are becoming stronger and wetter as ocean temperatures rise, posing a direct and indirect risk of fatality. More wildfires occur as a result of the dry weather, posing numerous health dangers. Flooding can spread waterborne infections, cause accidents, and expose people to chemical risks. Mosquitoes and ticks can spread diseases to new areas when their geographic ranges increase. These are just a few examples of natural disasters that could potentially be averted if our planet were in the proper condition, and why this issue should be given more priority in stopping. 

Everyone is told as a child that the world is theirs to take and that one day they will be able to make a difference. As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to realize that this has been disproven time and time again. While preparing to become an adult, I realized that as you get older, your voice doesn’t appear to get louder, but rather softer, until it is drowned out by the rush and bustle of daily life. Children are often told that they are the future and that the world belongs to them, which I believe is entirely true. However, what are those children supposed to do with a broken world?

Climate change has become so severe on our planet that it will be irreversible in about 8 years, and our world will never be the same.  I am very passionate about this rising problem because I, for one, know how much I want to be able to show my children a glacier, a tiger, or a polar bear. However, I always feel helpless and as if there’s nothing I can do. If this growing issue is to be stopped, or at least prevented from causing further damage, everyone has to band together and decide enough is enough. You can mess with a lot of things, but you don’t mess with my Earth.

An infographic showing climate-related health risks to communities of color, older adults, children, and low income communities. For full details, visit

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