Getting Back Up Again

Everyone has their thing, something they’re especially good at, where they can make a living off it. But just because you know what your thing is, doesn’t mean life is a breeze now. There will still be success, failure, and times of confusion. What truly defines us is what we do with our talents and how we deal with the problems. 

Richard Hutchins is a man who found his thing, but, through an unlikely turn of events, ended up homeless, with barely any money to support himself. Through a series of TikToks, he was able to find his way back to the art industry with the help of a TikToker, Charlie. Richard’s story is one that proves kindness in this world exists, and when you fall, you can get back up again. Steve Harvey left some inspiring words for Richard on social media after explaining that $3,000 got him out of homelessness, so he was going to pay $3,000 for an original painting by Hutchins. He continued, “I was homeless and I know what Richard Hutchins is going through. I’m honored to purchase his art. Let’s go Dream Machine.” Harvey and Hutchins together show what true support and rising from the ashes is.

The poem, “sisters,” by Lucille Clifton also pictures how everyone has a different talent, no matter their origins. The poem pictures two sisters, growing up together, doing everything the same, sometimes not living in the best circumstances, but they grow up and lead successful lives. The last two stanzas of the poem state: 

“me and you

 got babies

 got thirty-five

 got black

 let our hair go back

 be loving ourselves

 be loving ourselves

 be sisters.

 only where you sing,

 I poet.” 


This poem shows how you can follow your own dreams and talents even if you may come from a rough place. I love how the entire poem focuses on the similarities of the sisters, how they grew up, and at the end tells how they have different talents they pursued. This poem embodies the successes you can see even when you come from a harsh background.

The video “Inherit the Earth” is an inspiring depiction of children living and growing up in Baltimore, Maryland. These children have to grow up around drug dealers and alcoholics on every corner, and where people they know are murdered every day. Despite their circumstances, the children discuss their hopes and dreams for the future: of their homes, of their city, and of themselves. 

The way each of these people handled their trials and persevered through tough times to achieve their dreams is truly inspiring. Something I think we can all learn from these people is that even after you find your thing, you are going to go through tough times, but you can always bounce back. Despite the confusion, stress, and anxiety following your dreams can give you sometimes, it will always work out and you can look to a brighter future.

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