It’s Crucial, It’s Everywhere…It’s a Relationship

Human interaction is a fundamental necessity. Interactions can happen online, through social media, or in person, through everyday activities such as school, work, and sports. Every person needs some form of interaction with another human being. Relationships are important, they’re necessary, they’re everywhere. However, relationships are hard work, they take time and effort. One of the most crucial relationships that a person can have is a family connection. 

It’s easy to have some sort of relationship with someone when you share the same blood, but it still takes work. That’s where most people go wrong, they don’t believe in putting effort into family relationships because they believe that they already share a bond through blood. If you really think about it, you probably know more about your friends than you know about your family. Can you say you know your parent’s past? How did they grow up? Their hardships?? What about the parents? Are you familiar with your child’s friends? Do you make time to talk about life? If you can’t answer any of these questions, maybe you’re not putting in nearly enough effort as you should. However, it’s never too late to start, so here’s an option that could help improve YOUR family relationship; family dinners. 

Family dinners help build family relationships. These dinners allow the family to have a set time together, so they have the opportunity to form a closer bond. As a result, parents create a safe environment, which allows their child to feel that they can come to their parents for help. Without family dinners, teens become more detached, they feel more comfortable searching the internet or asking a friend instead of asking a parent when they have questions.  With everyone concentrated on their own plans, family dinners are hard to coordinate, but the results could be highly beneficial. As Blair Somerville said in the video “Lost and Found,”, “the fun part is you can see how you expect” your plan to work “and then you have the horrible phase where you have to” organize everything in order to see the results. Studies have shown that “most families still routinely dine together at home.” This goes to show that almost 50% of the population don’t routinely spend time together every night. It has been shown that the current generation of teens are starting to become more detached from family life, and they end up spending more time with friends than with their family. In conclusion, family dinners are the snickerdoodle cookies of routine because they take time to make, but it can be worth it in the end. 

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