On the Seaside

I remember walking along the sunny shores of Mother’s beach. I remember the grains of sand in between my feet, the cool breeze against my face, the chattering and laughter of others around me. I remember this feeling of joy and happiness it brought, “the feeling I have of life here” that this beautiful scenery provided for me. Ten years later on the same beach, the sun still bright as ever, the sounds of laughter still as loud as it can be, but the sand…  a darker color, and tainted with junk. 

I looked in disbelief as this once pretty seashore was polluted by tons and tons of trash. “We need to do something about this” I thought to myself walking away from the crashing sounds…  Pollution within our world is an occurring problem that needs a change. It is affecting our once beautiful and clean beaches and the oceans surrounding it, harming marine life and our waters. Did you know over one million varieties of sea animals are killed every year due to plastic debris within the sea? Thousands of people litter everyday, not knowing every single piece of waste would end up in our magnificent oceans. Fish are dying from infected waters, birds are drenched in oil, and turtles ingesting contaminated food. Like how the two people in the film “Scavengers” journey through a variety of different challenges together to survive, we as a community need to work together to keep our ocean and beaches clean. 

Kamilo Beach – Naalehu, Hawaii on Hawaii News

This message is to reach everyone viewing this blogpost right now to begin to think about making a change. How can WE combat this ongoing problem of solution? The oceans and beaches gave us resources and allowed us to thrive and flourish. WE as a society need to help what we had ruined in the past. So, how can we help? Participating in local beach cleanups, using recyclable goods, or even just throwing your trash away helps. Every little step counts. Seriously. Let’s restore our beaches that were once, “so soft, so calm, yet eloquent” as George Gordon Byron would say. Let’s lead the direction to a healthier and greener planet. Let’s take the next step to bringing our marine lands back to their glory state.

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