Something you’ll Always Need: Shoes

  Shoes are pretty useful if you ask me. I like how it protects our feet from the rocks and all the dirt from the ground. Shoes also protect us from the embarrassment of people looking at our feet and thinking why we have an extra pair of toes. Shoes are also in style and will never die out because it’s a necessity to have. 

   Over the years, shoes have changed so much and now have different people making different designs of the shoe. There could be a comfortable shoe, a running shoe, for major events shoes, and even an everyday shoe. Brands like Nike, Adidas, Vans, etc. have put their piece of mind into making shoes. I love shoes from Vans. They are my go-to shoes everywhere I go. They are comfy and have a good look. That being said, shoes can also be ugly or good-looking. Vans are a ten out of ten because they go with everything! You can wear a costume or like a suit and still rock Vans with them. Adidas on the other hand has some good shoes, but most of them kinda look janky and too bold to wear (this is all preference). 

Examples of shoes from Adidas and Vans: 



However, it’s a good thing that Adidas and Vans and all the other 100 brands that make shoes have different styles because it’s all about preference. Like in the short film Scavenger, we notice different details in every shoe that we buy or find interest in. As of now, I have many shoes in mind that I want to buy, but I’m kind of lacking in the money department right now because I spend it on other things. One shoe that is on my bucket list is the Nike Air Force 1s. 

Picture of The Nike Air Force 1s:


These are my dream shoes because even though they are expensive, they match everything. I guess for me I try to find shoes that match most of my clothes. I’ve been wanting these since quarantine because I wanted to upgrade my shoe game from just having Vans. Like in the podcast where Godfrey “Doc” Daniels wanted to know if there is a phone booth in the Mojave Desert. We both have the same idea of getting something that we want.

Shoes will always be on your feet whenever you’re going outside so might as well make them look nice. That is what every shoe brand is doing right now making shoes for each person’s preference and what they’re seeking. From the sleek design of Vans, or even the weird funky shape shoe from Adidas. Helpful or not, shoes are what we need when we are on our feet.

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