Why I am a Fish Enthusiast

As a kid, I was always in awe of fish. How are they able to do what humans are unable to do? Why are fish so different from other animals? How can they breathe in water, while we are stuck breathing air? “The mystery became [my] obsession…” and I wanted to find an answer.  Ever since then, I always had this strange fascination with fish. I loved going to the grocery store and looking at the fish sold in tanks. But what, really, are fishes? An animal with fins and gills living in water, according to the dictionary, or is there something more? To me, a fish is a human’s best friend. Yet some do not love and appreciate fish, and that can lead to many detrimental effects.

Fish are known for their ability to swim and breathe in water and pets are known to support you as, scientifically proven, they can decrease stress, anxiety, and depression. All of the negatives in your life are lessened while having a loyal companion who will stick with you through thick and thin. However, many pets require a lot of attention and have many needs.  This will be hard to juggle for the average busy person, so, what would be the perfect solution? Fish! Fish come in all shapes and sizes, yet still look amazingly beautiful. As pointed out by Marge Piercy in her poem, A Work of Artifice, it is a pet’s “nature to be small… cozy, [and] domestic…”, which very clearly supports the idea that your ideal pet has all the characteristics a fish has. A pet fish doesn’t require a walk in the park everyday, as it’s simply enjoying its life in a fish tank. There isn’t as much time commitment needed, and they are a great add-on to make your home more lively. You can have multiple fishes, not just one, and it will be very easy to manage. 

A pet fish will always be there to support you in your endeavors while still keeping all the positives of having a pet. Fish benefit us humans in a variety of ways, yet why do humans still hurt them? Humans have caused a multitude of environmental problems such as overfishing and the massive amount of trash in the ocean that have greatly affected sealife which led to a major negative impact on the earth. Specifically, in the short film Scavengers, we follow a narrative of two astronauts on an unfamiliar planet in hopes of finding their way back home. Throughout the film, they are repeatedly hurting the environment- showing that they are willing to do anything for their own benefit at the expense of others. This is a very insightful  piece of work, as humans here on earth, we, as a species, need to treat our fellow fish friends with respect and kindness. 

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