134340 is the thing with voids that endlessly grow, like a black hole; he is the thing that was pillaged of his identity, name, and status, left with nothing but an empty abyss. What was once named after a Roman god is now a mere number that defines his entire existence. 134340 has no purpose except to revolve around what he can never become: the rest of the world.

Like gravity pulling in matter, 134340 had dwarfed its growth, remaining “small and cozy” on the outer orbit of society. Nonetheless, he continues to revolve—like a planet orbiting the sun—except, 134340 isn’t a planet, not even close. “Pale as star-light on a gray wall . . . / evanescent as the reflection of a white swan / shimmering in broken water,” 134340 reflects uncertainty regarding purpose and self-worth; he is no exception to the harsh realities of societal views and standards. He remains outcasted yet still wishes for acceptance. Why?

It’s natural to long for a sense of belonging; it’s human nature. In fact, wanting others’ acceptance and emotional and social validation is the very essence that comprises humanity; without it, society would have no framework, order, or morality. The desire to connect and build relationships with others is no surprise. To be recognized in a society hostile towards societal differences is a privilege. Whether it’s a stranger or someone close by, the ability to connect to others gives identity, purpose, and even happiness. To have one’s name called by others and to have a presence in the world is what it means to be alive. Like a flower growing between cracked cement, a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, an abandoned phone booth in a desert waiting to be of some use, 134340 waits idly for a purpose, for he once had a name too: Pluto.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “134340

  1. This was a very philosophical piece! It was interesting to dive into human psychology as well as connecting those natural feelings with the universe. The mystical poetry also complimented the ambiguity and monotone voice of this writing.

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  2. Hi anonymous,
    I really enjoyed the pictures you added to your post in order to give more emphasis on Pluto. I liked your thoughts on belonging. All humans long for this, yet not everyone reaches it. The fact that you used this and personified it onto a planet, something that is not living, contrasts it with human emotion. This quote, made me laugh “Like gravity pulling in matter, 134340 had dwarfed its growth, remaining ‘small and cozy'” as Pluto itself is a dwarf planet!

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  3. I adored the way this was written and how it was worded very nicely. The title, 134340, intrigued me the most because it reminds me of a BTS song and I really hope that this blog post was based off of it.

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    1. You’re right! This blog post was inspired by the BTS song because I really wanted to convey the meaning of the song. Thank you for your comment!


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