My Escape From Reality

Feeling lost in a world surrounded by judgment and pressure is quite common in this present day and age. I often feel as if those around me know what they are doing, have their entire future ahead of them, and everything will work out for them in the end. As I sit amongst the sidelines witnessing this while feeling lost and confused. When people feel like they are constantly the second-best, no one’s favorite, isolated, or unloved, they tend to seek an alternate universe or an escape from reality. My escape is music. It’s remarkable how simply a five-letter word ‘music’ can carry such an immense impact on society, holding the potential to evoke inspiration, connections, or simply act as an escape from reality. In short, there is nothing music can’t do. Envision a world without music, where a small planet, our planet, traveling across outer space at about 67,000 miles per hour, consists of nothing but silence, emotionless souls just wandering aimlessly within the dark.

Short film “Scavengers” on Vimeo

Music can give rise to wonderous effects on listeners, some of which can last a lifetime. Similar to how Barry Lopez, author of the short essay “Children in the Woods”, talks about his life in the woods and interactions with children, describing this phenomenon as, “Knowing how acutely I was affected in that moment… the effect, for all I know, has lasted a lifetime” (2). For example, every single day, millions of songs are loved and listened to by a number of people with ages ranging from 1-101. Without a doubt, the love for music can be developed at any age, from adults who enjoy reminiscing on tunes that peaked during their generation, to toddlers who sing along to their favorite movie theme song. Lopez views this in an impressive manner, explaining how “the impression made on them at this level is fleeting. What takes a lifetime to learn, They comprehend, is the existence and substance of myriad relationships(7).

When one is consumed with doubt and anxiety, music can play a major factor by being a source of motivation. Or even feeling overwhelmed with everyday issues, music can help you escape your worries and problems, doing so by encouraging them to get back on their feet and continue advancing towards their goal. Whether someone may be struggling to achieve a life-long/long-term goal or simply to just get through the day,  listening to their favorite song while hearing the tender melody and uplifting lyrics can influence them to take initiative, and undoubtedly boost their mood. However, on days where your emotions get the best of you, such as feeling lost or lonely, you may feel like you have no one to turn to or no shoulder to cry on, although music is always present. Dealing with hardship is something almost every person undergoes, while additionally dealing with grief and having troubles pile up, music can act as a comfort tool and act similar to what some may refer to as, a friend.

Not only can music help you advance through your trials and tribulations, but it can also act as a guide to help you find your innermost self. Life is about finding yourself, finding your passion. And if one feels uncertain or hesitant with finding their true identity, the art of music can lead the way and help them discover themselves. For example, one of the most globally loved artists under the stage name ‘Keshi’ admitted he was captivated by a love for creating music since his entire life. And having to worry about being financially stable, he upheld the job as a nurse, which he had recently described as “terrible”, while still attempting to balance his love for music. As he worked 14-hour shifts, he still made music on the side and worked hard and pursued and found his ultimate passion. Despite his obstacles, he never gave up on his love for music, didn’t let his hardships interfere, and worked hard to get to where he is today.

As previously mentioned, when dealing with grief and loss, many may struggle with finding ways to mourn, for instance, they may often become attached to memories and certain items that remind them of that person. And in some cases, the answer might be music. Despite being a 3-4 minute audio clip, music connects memories of lost loved ones and can help cherish the experiences and treasure good memories forever. And not only does this case occur about the ones who we have lost, but music can also help people reminisce on valuable memories and experiences either recently, or in general. Similar to Barry Lopez describing his personal experience of when he had received a glance from a child as they played in the rain, he witnessed their eyes glisten as time stood still, and in comparison to this feeling, as he described it as, “The look said I did not know until now that I needed someone much older to confirm this, the feeling I have of life here. I can go now, grow older, knowing it need never be lost.” (10). Music can help you live in the moment, recapture good memories, and is overall and essentially a haven for everyone no matter the cost nor occasion.

Music upholds such a considerable responsibility in society, not only in cases of encouraging people who share the love for music to become famous artists but may also help one accomplish the smallest of tasks such as making it through the day. Music can teach people to endure struggles and reach beyond the limitations your brain has encoded to make you think. While also acting as a guide to unlocking passions and ultimate goals, music spreads the message to go beyond and find your innermost self to become fully happy.

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