Safe Zone

Dear my piano,

People assume that you are a decoration sitting in my room,

or that you are just an instrument to me.

Little do they know that your tones set my mind free.

On a sunny hopeful day I go to you.

And when I can’t find the light inside of me,

your majors and minors comfort me.

I know that I don’t often play you in front of a crowd or with orchestra,

but I don’t need millions of people hearing my C’s and B’s. Having you even at a booth is enough for me.

Thank you for bearing with my messy rhymes on my messy days.

You have seen my tears dripping on you like rain when I lost the closest people to me,

but you have also seen my wide smiles while playing my Christmas carols happily.

However at the end, it doesn’t matter to you when, how, or where I play you,

because your majors always lift me up.

I may not have said this before, but I love you and your chords…

Amidst my chaotic life, my passion for piano and music keeps me constant. It acts as my escape zone from the chaos and pain often coming from the external world. Our conflicts in life, be it a tragedy, or loss, tear a piece of us/our personality/individuality. Thus, we seek security and stability…we seek a safe zone. A foundation to rely on when tragedy strikes. For me, it’s hitting the keys in my piano and listening to its music rumble in my ear.

The music often sounds like contrasting and distinct notes clashing together, but this is just how I often feel. The unrhythmic notes that you hear are just the insane waves of emotion inside me. I struggle putting them into words, so I just play them as notes that would probably make a horrible music sheet. It’s not only mine but many others’ escape route from reality. People play the piano to heal their wounds, relive memories, express their joy, love, hate, and fear. We often hear that meditation shifts your brain and soul to a new world, so does playing the piano as it clears your mind and rests your soul. It transfers you to a new world where all you can hear are melodious chords and brassy notes. Where your mind is free of the ear-piercing, thunderous noises emitting from the external world.

If we shred/strip the world from music, we’d destroy civilization as we know it. Imagine a quiet life without music?!… From this extreme example, you will know that playing the piano is that crucial to me as it helps me express my emotions freely and allows me and others as well, to escape to our safe zones. It’s where our inconstant tempos and mixed harmonies all finally make sense..Moreover, the music moves feelings inside us, it leads/encourages me and others to develop as individuals and better ourselves as human beings, to do what might seem impossible to do…yes, I am talking about the tuneless music that you hear.

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