Speed Bumps On “Success Street”

Yoo Jung Woo (often called Captain Yoo), a character from a K-drama called “Prison Playbook,” is a man who was convicted for the crime of bullying, assaulting, and eventually killing  Private Park Jun Young, someone under Captain Yoo. It was later revealed that Captain Yoo was framed and that he was trying to help instead. His friends and subordinates that were witnesses had lied because the real culprit had threatened them. He believed that he was a cause out of the other many of Private Park Jun Young’s death, and decided to spend time in prison with no confrontation after he found out all the evidence pointed towards him. People also believed that he committed murder, but of course he had story to it and he was not the murderer at all.

Behind some peoples’ success, failures, happiness, misery, there is a story. Their journey to success will not contain good things all the way. Developing strong relationships while going through hardships can be a part of the success that you are moving towards. Examples are shown in the K-drama, “Prison Playbook” where each character has his or her own story and meets each other in prison. 

Overcoming hardships is always an accomplishment and there will be positive and negative outcomes that affect your future because the actions you take will have an effect on your life as Lopez states, “The effect, for all I know, has lasted a lifetime.” These effects last in your memory as you think back on when you had an unproductive day, month, or year. Eventually, you improve your life by growing and naturally learning from mistakes, becoming a better version of your past self as mentioned in the poem. “A Work of Artifice” by Marge Pierce, 

“It is your nature
to be small and cozy,
domestic and weak;
how lucky, little tree,
to have a pot to grow in.”

You have somewhere to grow inside, and “it is your nature to be small and cozy, domestic and weak.” You start out little and small, then grow to reach your goals. As a result, many people have a hard time reaching their goals because of other problems they have in their life. This adds on to stress and builds up more work piling up on your plate.

asphalt road between trees

Matt Duncan on Unsplash

Stress management and time management may be difficult for people, and as a result, negative events might occur due to the lack of maintaining a good schedule. Sometimes you think you are at fault for the negativity, and “negative events are less stressful when you see them as ‘not your fault’ and less likely to recur.” After falling behind in life, there is always a chance to catch up, or maybe go even further than you expected to go. As Albert Einstein said, “Failure is success in progress.” Persevering through things that you want to quit in, and attempting continuously on trying to change that failure into a great success will drive you forward.

Going back to “Prison Playbook,” after moving to the prison cell with others that regret committing their crimes, they all learn how to become a better person. Spending time with good people in the prison cell, Captain Yoo decides to do an appeal trial. His cellmates persuaded him to prepare for an appeal trial, and so he won the appeal trial and the real culprit was convicted. In the end, all characters from this K-drama had improved their life after bonding with each other and convincing each other. Have grit and persevere with your dreams, goals, and plans. You learn from your mistakes, and every hardship you go through you gain something that will work with you to your success and dream.

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