The Mirror of Happiness

Happiness. That’s what we all are trying to achieve in life. When asked why you want to get good grades, the ultimate reason is to be happy. When asked why you want to have friends, the truth is to find happiness. Everything that we do in life has a common goal. To find happiness. How do we achieve something that seems like a goal out of reach? Achieving happiness starts with helping others find their own happiness.

First off, what is the logic behind your happiness starts with making others happy? Happiness can be described as a mirror. The people in your life are mirrors of you. If what you see doesn’t make you feel good, you should take the opportunity to change that. For instance, by helping others experience their happiness, the images in the mirror will start to express emotions of happiness and reflect back to you. This is because, once you are pleased with what the mirror manifests, you will experience empathy and find happiness from your significant actions. In “Children in Woods”, we can see that the “… most moving look…” is seeing someone you’ve helped become happy. You can “go now, grow older, knowing it need never be lost.” and you will finally find happiness.

One way to help others find their happiness is through various acts of kindness. These can be either big or small deeds, but what matters most is the genuine intention behind it. For example, a simple smile, holding the door, or a compliment will improve someone’s day. Seeing people smile will provide you an outlet to your own happiness because seeing others happy makes you feel marvelous. In the short film “Mr Indifferent”, the protagonist decides to go out of his comfort zone to help others by volunteering, holding the door for someone, and taking care of children. By doing this, he changes into a happier man who continues to help others find their happiness. In life, we should keep on helping out, even after we are happy, in order to ensure that our happiness stays for a long time.

Animated GIF
A Gif of Mr Indifferent

Another way to help others find their happiness is doing what you love, to make others happy. Keeping your own interests and passion in sight is important when it comes to making others happy. For instance, in the Lost and Found film, we can see that Blair Somerville, a tinkerer, makes various whimsical creations to make others happy and enjoy his museum. Doing what he loves matters most because unintentionally he is making himself happy. Through creating new experiences for people to enjoy, the mirror sends back the same emotion of delight. Producing creations you love will express joy because of the passion and hard work that is expressed. The emotion of happiness others feel, will be mirrored back to the creator.

Lost Gypsy Gallery by Blair

Happiness is a sense of joy we all desire. It is a mirror that reflects back our actions we do to help others be happy. In other words, happiness for yourself starts with you making others happy. Through your positive actions, you will influence the happiness of others and your own. This can be done by giving, doing kind deeds or creating happiness with your passion. When you are feeling down, look forward to helping others who also don’t feel their best. Seeing them happy will provide you a pathway to a long lasting happiness.

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