Risk and Reward

It seems as if our lives are determined by risk.

Motivation by fear pushes us into dangerous situations that result in payoff or injury. We’re all familiar with experiences in which failure could mean humiliation or success could mean worth. Either way, it’s programmed into our intuition that encountering danger is necessary to progress. And while most of us no longer face life threatening days anymore, some do, and some by choice. Why are we obsessed with danger, and when is the risk greater than the reward?

Jackie Chan, the world’s beloved stunt performer and martial artist slides off a building in Rotterdam for film, Who Am I?

Never, it seems, by looking at the lengths some will go to achieve their goals. A career where life is on the line for strangers’ entertainment is the life of a stunt performer. Where a career represents monetary worth for us, it embodies danger and reward for people who dedicate their being to the big screen.

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