The House on Warner Street

Saint Peter

 I grew up in a very religious catholic family. As I grew older I wondered why me and my brothers’ names were Timothy and Peter, so I asked my parents. They said that our name came from the disciples Peter and Timothy. Before, I thought my name was unusual so I did and weird so I didn’t like it. So after finding out the true meaning and background story of my name, I like it a lot more. All names come from an origin, and every origin is ordinary and special.

My Big Brother

A couple of weeks ago I was snowboarding in Big Bear with my brother and his friends. It was my first run down and of course I was a little rusty. My brother is really good and goes up every other day. I was going slow on my first run and my brother got mad at me because he knew that I could go faster. He waited for me at the chair lift and was very angry.  When I got down the hill, I knew I was going to get yelled at so I just took it. He was not just yelling at me, he was just trying to make me improve and just get out of my own head. At the moment I felt like I wanted to punch him, but I knew he was right. There was this one line that he told me that I cannot forget, “You’re embarrassing”. On the next run I did not care if I got hurt, I went almost as fast as my brother. I thanked my brother for clearing my mind and for pushing me. Then I realized that my brother only wanted what’s best for me. Siblings are Siblings for a reason.

Own up to your mistakes

When I was about 8 or 9, I broke a window in my house by throwing a ball at the window. At the time I was naive and thought that I could just blame my sister for the mistake that I made. When my dad got home from work, he saw a cracked window in the front and came in very angry. He called me and my siblings down and asked who did it, and my siblings were both confused, but I played along. My dad caught on and knew it was me because my face got red, but he wanted to play with me. So he asked one last time and I cracked under pressure and blamed my sister. My sister argued and said it wasn’t her, so my dad just grounded all of us. He wanted to teach me a lesson on how you have to live up to your mistakes otherwise other people will have to go down for what you did. From that point on I knew how running away from my problems created bigger ones.

Nico the puppy

On my 12th birthday, my parents told me and my siblings to go into the car. I didn’t think I was going to get a present because I got presents at the party the day before. We drove up to San Diego and I just thought that we were visiting cousins but then we pulled up to a random house. My parents ended up surprising me with a dog. I was so stoked because I used to have a dog but it got run over when I was 4.  We ended up naming our new dog Nico. This just shows that you never know what’s going to happen.

A New Chapter

Ever since I was 5 years old I started playing basketball. All of the years of practice go to waste after my 8th grade year, I decided that I wanted to play water polo. I chose to play water polo because I think that it was a unique sport and that too many people play basketball. It was a lot to adapt to because I wasn’t a good swimmer but it was just the beginning of a bright future. My freshman year of highschool I was on the JV team, but midway though the season, I got bumped up to varsity. This was definitely one of the biggest changes I have made in my entire life. Basketball will forever be in my heart, but it was time to start a new chapter in my story.

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