Circadian Blissful Innocence

Below are five stories centered around a fictional chameleon named Jerry, and each story depicts a certain unique occurrence in his life. The stories all incorporate literary devices from their assigned days from The House On Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros.

A Slide to Fame

Today was the day… Jerry ran up to the base sliding across the jungle terrain and multi-mixed dirt. Arms sprawled out, legs extended to their limit, and the athletic, praise-worthy chameleon squinting his eyes to keep his view on the target through the dusty air. His foot touches the base, “Home run! Home run! Home run!”. Then POOF! Back to reality. Moe, Jerry’s little, stubby companion, shakes Jerry back to the present, reminding him that he’s next in line. This time, it’s happening for real, but Jerry gives himself a little pinch just to confirm it. The pumped up chameleon steps on the plate, ready to take a swing. The pitcher chucks a swerving toss at him, yet Jerry unprecedentedly manages to swing right at it, head on. He runs. 1st base!… 2nd base!… 3rd base! The last stretch, Jerry puts to work every single muscle in his body, already reaching for the base. Closing his eyes, he extends his foot forward… 4th base! Home run! Opening his eyes to welcome the fame and fortune, he rises from the ground. “Woohoo! Go Jerry!”, screams a distant cheer from Moe. Then Jerry came to the sudden realization that he was just playing elementary school baseball just like every day at lunch.

Rolling Coasters and Stomachs

Stepping foot into the metal kingdom, Jerry stares in awe at what surrounds him. Structures consisting of steel poles and carts running and jumping upon the railings strike Jerry’s eye. The crazed chameleon has a million thoughts shooting through his head, as he tries to comprehend a whole new world around him. “Where to go… where to go… Roller coasters! Actually, carnival games! Never mind, food stands!”. Completely overwhelmed and excited, Jerry soon spots a towering sky-scraping abomination. A roller coaster as large as a planet touches the sky, and that’s when he knew where he wanted to go. Patiently waiting in line, Jerry was like a child next up for cake at a birthday party. He reached the front of the roller coaster line and strapped into his seat, being extra careful and tedious. The ride soon took off, slowly inching towards the climax. BAM! The ride locked into place only then to shoot downwards from it’s gigantic heights blowing the colors off the helpless chameleon’s face. The ride slowly comes to an end, and with not a single thought behind his large bug-like eyes, Jerry exclaims, “Let’s go aga-” and releases his morning breakfast straight onto the floor.

Worst Day of School

BEEP! BEEP! Jamming to the sick beat, Jerry soon comes back to his senses and stares down his clock, only to read the numbers “8:30 AM”. Suddenly, all the tiredness in Jerry’s eyes and body leave, as he struggles to comprehend that he’s late…to his first day back to school!! Stressing and pacing the room, the confused chameleon has no idea what to do. “Should I go to school late? Should I just skip today? What am I gonna tell my friends? What am I gonna tell my teachers?!”Jerry exclaims to himself. He throws on a couple of mismatched clothes, but it’s okay because he can change his color, and brushes his teeth for less than a second as he rushes down the stairs to attempt to get to school. Throwing all his supplies in his bag, grasping whatever breakfast-like food he can find, and fighting his new kicks he meant to show off today, he goes to rush outside and run towards the school. Unfocused on his surroundings, Jerry crosses the streets and dashes along the sidewalk, trying to cut down his time as much as possible. The school is in sight and Jerry, anticipating the consequences of his tardiness, but also relieved at arriving, crosses the last street to make it to school. Without looking at both sides, Jerry turns to the sound of a honk while in the middle of the cross walk. He spots a car, going at over 100 mph heading straight for him without being able to stop. BAM! Jerry wakes up to the sound of his alarm and sees the time read “7:00 AM”. Realizing it was all just a dream, Jerry sighs in relief and goes back to sleep, forgetting it was his first day back to school.

Dressing for the Met Gala

An ominous voice peers through the door. A shadow blocks the light seeping through the tiny slit separating wood from carpet. A wriggle on the knob activates after a response is unheard of by the predator. Slowly but surely, the shield differentiating Jerry and the outside world opens. Thump, thump, thump. The enemy nears. Thump, thump, thump. “JERRY!!!!” screeches the sinister sister. Jerry, startled and dazed, wakes from his slumber and realizes, “Oh shoot”. He remembered that he promised to go shopping with his sister, Johanna, after she finally voiced her hate for his distasteful outfits that caused a fashion frenzy. Though he thought otherwise, he trusted his sister’s opinions which were almost always as agreeable upon as world peace, except for when she fought with Jerry. The crazed chameleon creature jumped into a set of, yet again, fashion disaster and they headed off to the mall. Staring at the windows and shops Jerry looked in awe…at his phone. “We are to shop for you, not for me!” said Johanna. With no end in sight, Jerry rushed into a shop, grabbed a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, checked out and left. Grinning with joy at his devious execution of his plan, Jerry shoved his unsettling creation into her face and slyly whispered, “Done”. Given up with the fashion future of her brother, she gave in and they drove back home, Johanna feeling defeated and Jerry feeling content…while showcasing his train wreck of an outfit.

A Call to Realization

Alone in his room, thoughts scoured his mind from left to right. Overwhelmed with homework at the dead of night, stress collectively compiled on top of Jerry, and he felt like there was no way out of the hallucinated horrendous hole he was in. Intrusive thoughts invaded his mind that was fragile as a fine, white ceramic vase. Feeling as if giving up and letting go was the only option, Jerry tried to fight back at the voices inside plotting his downfall. The room inside his mind inched to become bigger…bigger….bigger. And Jerry in his mind became smaller…smaller…smaller. With no one else awake except him and his room light throughout the house, Jerry could not shake the feeling of lonesomeness and isolation. “Why should I try in school? Giving up would be freeing and better…” thought Jerry as he faced the loads of homework he had to complete before tomorrow morning. Transferring from desk to bed, Jerry curled up in a ball, with no thought of reconsideration, completely giving up. Then he heard a ring from his phone, revealing his friend calling to face time. Obviously answering the call, Jerry’s companion started fittingly talking about school and homework, to go on and ask Jerry if he needed any help and if he wanted to work together on the obstacle which was homework together. The relieved reptile felt a sense of comfort and company in an instant, like a light broke through the dark room in his mind. He realized that friends and support will always be a reason to stay active in school as they found happiness and encouragement in each other through hardships and problems faced alone or together. Grateful for his friend’s call and a knock of sense into reality for him, Jerry smiled to himself, promising to never give up on himself as long as his friends didn’t either.

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