A House on Vita Street

Small Disclaimer: Not all of these pieces of writings are completely or even remotely accurate of my life, some pieces were inspired by my life but others were completely from my imagination.

Sherman The Small Grey Dog

I had an affinity for this one puppy, despite my allergies for dogs. He always ran up to me when I visited, jumping on me and hugging me with his tiny little paws. Whenever I got the chance, I snuck him a treat, his excitement being seen on his wagging tail. He spun and jumped and gave high fives. His face was always riddled with joy whenever there was food near him and he always scarfed every last ounce. He was always such a happy little dog. 

Then the happiness left and no food would be touched. I suppose the tumor wasn’t helping matters. He moaned and groaned, wailing like a soldier who lost his leg. The pain in his face was unbearable and all we could do was pity him. We brought him into the veterinarian where all the pain left him, as with his happiness. The once-cheerful ball of energy now lifeless, the whole family mourning.

Meet Sherman, the poor little floofball

A Swim in the Sea

Every chance I got, I piled up my schedule. Every AP class I could, any college courses that would accept me, all honor classes and sports on top of that. But it was too much. I just wanted to be successful and do everything that would make the important people see me, no matter how I felt. I was stuck, adrift in an ocean of stress and worry. I swam as hard as I could but my arms gave out and my legs went numb. But a boat came to my rescue, dragged me out and set me straight. He helped me find a way to make everything so much easier but still be impressive. Now it’s time for me to do the same for his kid.

Photo by Luca Nardone on Pexels.com

So Close, But So Far

I rarely saw her when she first moved with us. She was always in her room and I could hear her fast rapid words every few days. She only came down to eat with us once or twice a week. A year later and it was as if she was always with us. She sat with us and ate with us and watched movies with us. We only had a month to enjoy her time. We did what we could but enough was enough and no more could be done.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It Was a Walk in the Park

I was taking a relaxing walk around the park when it happened. First I heard screams, a woman’s screams. They sounded like girls playing and being loud, but as I kept walking, the shrieks became louder and more frantic. I knew something was up so I started running towards the sound. I ran in every direction but no matter where I went, it always got softer and quieter. 

I found myself being surrounded by four men, they were wrestling and hitting me. Were these my friends? I kicked one of them in the chest with my heels… wait, heels? This couldn’t be me? What was going on? I fought and struggled until…

After seemingly forever, I finally found the source. The sky was getting darker and the trees blocked every direction. The hole that I came from was no longer there. I, too, started screaming and shouting. I was the only one left. The men were gone and the woman’s shrieks were gone, but I was stuck.

I felt fists bash my cheek and kick in my delicate stomach. I tried opening my eyes but I couldn’t see anything even after I felt my eyes open. But these hits didn’t hurt, I only felt the force…

I sat up, panting, my bed soaked in sweat where I laid. What the hell was that?

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Pexels.com

The End…?

It was finally time for me to go to the dorm for the first time. I’ve never been on campus before today and moving every box into the cramped, shared room was a pain, but I was so glad to be here. Countless hours spent over a textbook and dozens of sleepless nights finally led to college, but a part of me wasn’t ready. A part of me wants to stay home, where I know what is happening. Everything sounds easy but I’ve seen how difficult everything is. Would I be ok? 

These thoughts rushed through my mind as I picked up the first box. Everyone was counting on me, so I had to push through. I took my first step and it carried me all the way to the room, my family helping me load. Now was the time to make them proud, but I’ll be back soon enough…

Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

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