House on Slater Street

Ocean, Fish, and Tacos

On a hot and sunny day me and my brother saw it as a perfect time to head down to the beach. With our goggles and fins in one hand, and our spears in the other. We got in the car and started heading down to Laguna, where the sea bass gathered. Once we arrived we put on our wetsuits and made a trek on the painfully hot sand to Shaw’s cove. Out in the cold water we waded, searching for a fish worthy enough to spear. Hundreds of fish surrounded us but none of them were as big as what we were looking for. After about an hour I finally saw a large sea bass lurking about the kelp, but then it was gone again. Super excited, I called for Parker but he couldn’t hear me because of the crashing of the waves. I decided that I was gonna catch this fish and nothing would stop me from doing so. After searching for another twenty minutes I began to give up but then out of nowhere the same monster of a fish began to swim out into the open water. I dove as fast and as far as I could. My ears ached from the water pressure, and the air in my lungs expired. With a quick release, the spear flew out of my hands and impaled the great monster of a fish. In triumph I swam over to Parker and told him we needed to head out. In absolute awe of my catch, we both swam back to shore and drove home. That night we had the most delicious fish tacos I have ever had, and the best part was that we caught it.

New Additions

On a beautiful September morning it was cool and sunny. The wind was crisp, the birds chirping and the flowers singing. Everything was peaceful, everything quiet, everything perfect. All the families living to their status quo and going on with their lives. But there was one family doing the exact opposite. My family. After nine months the most important day of the year had come, and it came like a wall of bricks. Mom moaning in pain, we rushed to the hospital. It was the worst experience to see my mom in that much pain and I wished that I could’ve taken it all away from her. In the emergency room the doctors rushed my mom and brought her into a room. Chaos was the right word to describe the hospital. Mom was screaming in pain, Dad yelling orders to the kids, doctors rushing about, and the sirens from ambulances. At the time it was the scariest thing I had ever experienced. After I had been told to watch my siblings, we sat down in the waiting room. We waited for what seemed like an eternity when in reality it was only twenty minutes. This wait soon came to an end when a nurse told us that we could come inside the room. Immediately I saw the cutest baby. Kate. That’s what they named her. My baby sister.

Flying with the Birds

With Mom and Dad out of town it was the perfect time to do what me and Parker have always wanted to do. We spent 20 minutes aligning the trampoline perfectly and made sure that it was possible to be done. It was now the time to check something off my bucket list. 

“Are you ready” said Parker as he starts up the ladder toward the roof

“Guys Don’t go up there” Ellen protests

“Uhh I don’t really know…. Are you?”

“Of course I am, I was born ready.”

“Mom and Dad said you guys can’t go on the roof. I’m going to call them!”

“Parker, How high do you think the drop is from up here?”

“It’s probably like 20 feet but when you’re falling it goes by really fast so it feels like 10.”

“Calling!” “Mom, Dad, Parker and Bryant are on the roof.”

“We better go fast, or else we could get caught.”

“Ok I’ll go first and show you how it’s done.”

“No!! Don’t Jump, You’ll get hurt.”

Parker leaps and lands right on the trampoline. He bounces up and down for awhile and finally lays still.

“Parker, are you ok?” I yell down to him. 

“Yes!! Jump, it’s a blast.”

“Ok… I’m coming… 3  2  1 ahhh”

“Haha isn’t it fun?”

“Yea, It feels like I’m a soaring bird.”

“You guys are going to get in so much trouble” Ellen grumbles. 

Win or lose; Nothing Else

It’s the middle of a summer’s day. The sun is beating down on us but we don’t care because the game is on the line. The score is 10 to 10 with only seconds left in the game. Intensity of stress is so high right now, and there is so much  to lose. My mom is sitting in the front lawn watching the entire game play before her, and she knows that the biggest loss is to be beaten in front of her. I have not been capable of beating my dad in basketball but I have a feeling that today will be the day. 

“It’s a barn burner!” my dad yells, trying to distract me. 

Having no idea what that means, I use the element of surprise and begin to dash toward the basket. All stress leaves me as the ground pushes against me and I boost into the air. Rotating around the hoop like a tornado, I am able to pull off a shot.

It bounces in. The crowd goe- No…. Mom goes wild and the exhilarating feeling of winning rushes through me. This would be the greatest day of my life and I know it. Nothing could be better than this.


Red Eye Circle is my home. It’s where I’ve lived my entire life and where I plan to come back to after I’ve left for a while. This is the place that I have spent hours working, playing, crying, and more. I don’t know what I would do without Red Eye Circle. I wonder if life would’ve been the same without it. Would I still be the person I am today? Or would I be an entirely different person? Red Eye Circle has looked down on me for fourteen years. It has looked after me and cared for me. It is my home. I hope I always remember where my home is. I hope that I don’t let distractions lead me away from where I belong and where I want my kids to belong. Someday I am going to leave my home road and say goodbye for a long time. But eventually the time will come, where I must reunite with my beloved home. At this time I will lay down the commotion in my life. I will finish off my well lived life in the place where it started. Red Eye Circle. 

“It’s Not Perfect, But it’s Home”

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