Somethings Are Just Unforgettable

Dear Future Self

My life feels like a roller coaster currently with everything going on but I always imagine how my future self would turn out. I would have so many questions to ask my future self! Like, what profession I chose, if I had any kids, what college did I attend etc. Another question I would ask myself is do I ever accomplish opening my own bakery as a side hobby? I have always been interested in baking and have always thought of opening my own bakery. I would also wonder which career choice I decided to settle. I have so many dreams and aspirations. I want to be a FBI officer as well as a cardiac surgeon. Since I am still in high school the very final question I would write is if there is anything I regret not doing whether it was not paying enough attention to which classes would benefit my dream of becoming a physician’s assistant or traveling the world? If I could fix anything about my life, it would definitely be trying to live without regrets because I don’t want to dwell over anything whether it was a goal, a dream, or a promise without going through with it. As Lucille Ball says, “I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done.”

My Dream Trip

There are so many places I would love to visit but if I had to choose one it would be South Korea. I heard that Korea has stunning beaches and miles and miles of beautiful coast. If I travel to korea I would definitely want to visit some of the places my favorite korean dramas have shown on tv. The Korean dramas I have watched are usually filmed somewhere in Seoul. So I have thought about two places in Seoul that I would be ecstatic to go to! First one would be the Seoul tower, in every drama it shows that place is where you’ll find true love and gives off the vibes that you will live a happy and long life. Also, if I’m lucky enough to come to Seoul when it starts to snow and it is the first snow of the season then I’ll be able to see the light festival from the tower up high. While in Korea I would definitely want to experience their traditions and culture. Like shown on the best show on the K-Drama, MoonLight Drawn by Clouds which was filmed in a traditional historic place called Bukchon Hanok Village. I read this place is open to the public and shows many tourists the many ways of Korean culture and the best part is that everyone has to wear traditional Korean dresses and suits. Unfortunately, my family and I decided to wait a few years but it already feels like I’m waiting an eternity.

Not Uncultured

Going to Pakistan after 14 years, I had high hopes to reunite with my cousins and become a true desi! Right away after landing in Pakistan it was so hot that it was so hard for me to breathe but I didn’t have time to catch my breath. I was traveling with my sister and we were told to never take our eyes off our luggage even if the “baggage workers” try to help us. So instead, like most people at the airport my sister and I were dragging our 50 pound suitcases out the exit. I felt like I was sweating bullets after almost dislocating my shoulder. Upon arrival, I thought I was going to be taken to my grandma’s house where my mom was but I was at this huge house in a gated community instead. It was around 2am here in Pakistan so everything kind of looked sketchy but then I saw all my cousins come out… and then I realized that this was my grandma’s house remodeled! Already a week in and talking to everybody took me back to my childhood but I imagined somethings would be different. This may sound a little selfish but I wanted to try their home cooked Pakistani meals and buy more traditional clothes. Instead, they always took us out to fast food places like KFC, Burger King, McDonald’s, and etc. At one point I was so sick of fast food that I would kill to eat at a desi restaurant. I know that they are trying to make my trip memorable but I wish they would stop treating me like I’m uncultured.

Swimming Nightmare

It was a Friday afternoon, when my friends and I had decided to go swimming in our community pool. I was only about two years old with no swimming experience. The excitement to jump right in after watching my sister take a huge front flip leap into the pool was unbearable. I jumped in and realized just how deep the pool was. I flapped my arms and kicked my feet trying to stay afloat like a bird first learning to fly. I began to slowly sink just as I then felt a strong pull towards the sky. I then saw my mom’s face who seemed relieved at first but then her face turned red. I knew just how much trouble I was about to be in. I went home sullen scared my mom was never going to talk to me again for the stunt I pulled. It was dinner time when she sat me down and kneeled in front of me. She then told me to promise her I would never do such an act again.

No Way Home Review

I was not exactly at the edge of my seat when I began watching Tom Holland’s recently released marvel movie, No Way Home. I like Spiderman but I wasn’t a super die hard fan of marvel as my friends were. Throughout the movie, each scene and interaction between the characters increased my enjoyment of the movie and love for the characters. My brain exploded when Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire had shown up as Spiderman from different worlds. I had grown up watching each of the Spiderman movies and the different versions so watching all three of them in one scene fighting off the bad guys side by side made me acknowledge my need to watch the rest of the marvel movies. I can’t wait until summer to finally watch my marvel binge.

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