Stories from Monterey

The Story of Me

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My family didn’t always have so many people. At first, I was the only one. The first person to be introduced to this big wide world. I wasn’t so sure what to expect in the future, whether I would have more siblings, or even pets. But, over the years, more and more surprises came to my eyes. Brother, after brother, after brother, they also joined this world. Each one of us had our own personalities, unique from each other, siblings like the sun and moon, or yin and yang. Although I have three siblings now, I really don’t know what’s to come in the future. Will my eyes still widen the moment I heard those little cries? Will I still be excited and cheerful when those times occur? Only time will tell…

School at Its Finest

School. School has always been a part of my life ever since I was a little kid. School’s like a job for kids. You either like it, or hate it. Of course, there is the occasional in-between as well. And even now, it’s still an important part of our lives. But one thing I don’t understand is the information that’s being given to us. I don’t understand why we are being wired into this system of test and quiz taking. I don’t understand why instead of focusing on our strengths and weaknesses, we have to follow a curriculum that may not be suitable for everyone. I said all these thoughts as I sat there with my textbooks open. Tests tomorrow, tests tomorrow, I need to focus. Stress. I washed away these thoughts and continued to study and study, even if I was drowsy and even not thinking right. Just as the information entered, it slipped out of my brain as well. I scratched my head as hair began to fall out and rubbed my face to keep composure. I don’t understand…

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Floating Demon

Buzz… Buzz… I sound filled my ear as I drowned myself into the night. Buzz… Buzz… I jumped up and looked around. Everyone at home was sleeping. What was that sound from? I went to the restroom to see if there was anything in my ear. Nothing. My other ear? Nothing. I stretched my arms as I woke up from my slumber. And then I saw it. A big red bump on my arms. One, two, three four, red bumps. How did this happen? I felt hot and suddenly itchy once I saw the spots. It was the season. The mosquito. Every year during winter, the mosquito terrorizes me. I looked down at my legs. The scars and scabs from back then. Those mosquitos back then. I quickly applied the cream my mother would give me to soothe the itchy pain. But it wouldn’t help. I layed back down, fighting the urge to suppress myself from doing it. You can’t do it, you’ll hurt yourself. I layed there and struggled, and struggled. Struggling to fight the demons that were flying and buzzing in my ear. And the demons in my head as well… 

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Dark Depressed Day

The sky was a gray color. A thundering storm, I said to myself on this gloomy gloomy day. Cries could be heard from all around me. In my black suit, I stood over the green vase that contained what was of my grandpa. My dazed gazed stared, and stared, and stared. The shock ran through my body. Blood rushing. An hour passed. The rain became strong and everyone had left the cemetery beside me. I kneeled down and left a bundle of flowers next to the vase. So many memories rushed through my head. All the times, the moments, we shared together. “Hey grandpa, do you remember those flowers we planted together outside of the house?” I said to myself looking down at the bright tulips and lilies. The flowers were oh so bright and beautiful, even on such a somber day. The ones that had wilted were trapped under those that were strong and blooming. I was a wilted flower… 

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Happy Sappy Couple

 There was an old man who lived across the street. Every morning he would water his plants, stretch and practice yoga moves, repeat. Every morning I could smell so many different flavors that departed through the window. Coffee? Bacon? Eggs? The smell created thoughts in my head as I rose in the morning. I had never really talked to the man but he seemed friendly and sweet like a lollipop. The old man also had a wife who was a sour head. She frequently scolded him and sat at the window knitting and knitting her thoughts. 

What a lovely couple, I said to myself hoping that one day I could also have that feeling of being loved by someone else as well. But soon after some years, that savory smell in the morning slowly stopped showing. The wife no longer scolded and she sat at the window pondering instead. There was no longer a fresh and happy smell but the smell of the cold air. 

There was an old man…

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House On Monterey Street

A lot has happened ever since I moved onto Monterey Circle street. I met some of the loveliest people and even the girl of my dreams. I wish I could stay here forever. This community that I created so many memories with. The local BBQs where all the parents would drink and laugh. The birthday parties with the gigantic bounce castles and fulfill pinatas. I wish I could stay here forever. But, I know it’s not my place to make that choice. I can’t even drive yet. This street I loved, this street that I once called home. I will never forget. But it was time for me to pack my stuff for the next journey. For a new place, and hopefully a new place I could call home. I will never forget. Tears sweated down my face as I packed my stuff. “We’re going to be late!” says my mother. I hurriedly headed into the car and jumped in. I will never forget… 

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