The Harsh Reality of Growing Up


I spent a majority of my childhood fighting and arguing over little things. Little things such as who would do something first or who would eat the last slice of pizza. He was a neat freak and was obsessive with his belongings, not letting ANYONE touch his things. As a little brother does, I touched his things, a lot. Doing this caused many problems, mostly for me, because he was twice as big as me. But as we got older, he began to calm down and realize that he can’t control everything. He had calmed down and our relationship as brothers began to get better. Now that he is in college, we get along well and most of the time, he’s the one bothering me.

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My parents often forced me to dress nicely for special occasions, often overdressing for the most simple occasions. I would dress up in a tuxedo for a birthday party even. I didn’t even mind this either, because I enjoyed the attention that wearing a tuxedo gave me at parties. As I got older, I grew out of this habit because I simply became too busy to take a long time to get ready. It was either that, or I was simply too lazy, as all children slowly become. People began to notice, and eventually my habit had been forgotten. The only reason I remember this now, is because of pictures that my parents have, and if it weren’t for these pictures, my overdressing days would be long forgotten by everyone.

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A few years ago in 2019, my family began to realize my grandma began to become weaker and weaker fast. Nobody had said anything about this, but everyone already knew that she didn’t have much time left with us. Everybody did what they could in order for her to be the most comfortable and live the rest of her life out in peace and know that she is loved. As she began to become weaker and weaker for the next few months, reality hit me.

My grandmother would really be gone soon, and I would really regret it if I didn’t spend time and make memories with her to remember her. Although I told myself this numerous times, I still barely made an effort to spend time with her and make memorable moments with her. This is one of my biggest regrets that I haven’t forgiven myself for. The only thing I can say about this, is that you should make relationships with important people in your life memorable, so you don’t need to rush things in the end.

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As a child, you tend to disregard the importance of a good relationship with your parents and siblings. Although a healthy relationship comes naturally with some, others forget the importance of one. They ignore the impact that a healthy family has on them. For me, growing up with a happy family meant I have both my parents and my brother to go to for help or advice. Even though my brother and I weren’t always on the best terms all the time, I knew that he would always be there for me to talk to. For my parents, they are always there to talk to also, but something they provide is life experiences. They give me advice and I’m able and willing to always trust it, since I know they have gone through what I’m going through right now, and are always willing to listen and hear what I have to say. They make sure I don’t make the same mistakes they did. Looking back at when I was just a little kid, I can say that my family is a huge part of growing up, and has impacted my life more than I can express.

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As you begin middle school, there’s a sense of lost innocence when you first step in. First, there is freedom and you start to make your own choices, some good, some bad. One choice I noticed people making is that they would begin to curse.This wasn’t the only thing however. I also observed that there was a lot more drama, mostly caused by gossip, which is all unnecessary. There are many other choices kids begin to make around that time, but I can most definitely say that it all stems from freedom. 

Now when you step into high school, that’s when you are really exposed to everything life has to offer. There is every kind of teenager in school, some very academically inclined, and others that couldn’t care less about school. But, this has nothing to do with academics. This may be hard to hear, but there is a dark side to high school that most don’t see. Teens are ruled by drugs and alcohol, and often make poor choices influenced by drugs.

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