How can people be certain that their behaviors will not harm society in the long run?

Everyone has a past, and that past can haunt our future in more ways than one. Sometimes, I forget that the words I say have an impact on society. I remember that we can use words for love and encouragement. However, I tend to forget that we can also use words for misconduct, or shameful purposes. I know that my behaviors will create chain reactions that influence the people around me. Every day, I will reach out to the people I am familiar with, strangers too, and do my best to choose my words wisely. Of course, not everything will go as planned. It is the thought of losing someone that I care about that makes me feel helpless and vulnerable. I am also afraid of bottling up my emotions to the extent that I might explode. 
Life is unpredictable, but I’m certain I can endure. The losses of each friendship that I encounter will become lessons, or knowledge, that teach me how to recognize the contrast between illusions and the real world. As time passes, I will continue to use this piece of wisdom to my advantage. Thus, I hope that this offers me a glimpse of insight, happiness, and beauty. Yes, indeed, the things that come out of my mouth and the actions I make will affect the community, but I can solve them. It is not impossible to rekindle relationships nor is it complicated to embrace change. It can take some time, but I have the power to fix things. Things won’t stay the same. At least, I’ll have a person’s shoulder to lean on. Inside every one of us is the potential to fight for whom and whatever we believe in. With this in mind, I am aware that in the long run, I can always gain a couple of wins and losses simultaneously.

3 thoughts on “Self-Reflection

  1. Have you ever lost a friend after saying the wrong thing at the wrong moment? It’s shameful to remember how I acted at the time, stressed with schoolwork and home life in general, thinking it’d be okay to let it out on someone else who had no idea. How could one possibly fix this? A sorry won’t be enough…


  2. I have reflected as well and have done similar things in the past too. I became more self aware of what I will be saying and how that will affect someone. I like that this blog post is honest and includes a self-reflection of the blogger.


  3. I really love your perspective with each negative experience you endure, like losing a friend, and turning it into a learning point for your future. Honestly, this post has given me a lot of advice with how I should and could react to different negative and positive changes.


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