Listening Without Bias

Try listening without bias. Sounds easy, but it’s what most people fail to do. Listening without bias is important because it allows you to see all points of view without being judgemental. You can learn a lot by hearing someone out, even though you totally disagree. If we listened without bias it would probably prevent all wars. That’s crazy! If we just LISTENED, then we would have prevented people from dying. 

From my Nirvana project, I presented how reading the news is a good use of your time. In order to truly want to learn what is going on in the news, you need to come in with a clear mind about the topic so you don’t automatically sway yourself to one opinion. You don’t have to only listen with your ears without bias, but also read, watch and live without bias. Instead of listening to what you want to hear, expand yourself to 

For example, humanism was controversial because of its lack of bias when it came to religion. Those who followed humanism focused on creating a better humanity based on science. 

Let’s think about where our bias is coming from. It could be religion, age, gender, experiences, how you were raised. But how do you listen without bias when you are always naturally biased. The short answer is you can’t fully listen without bias, but you can try. 

Next time you hear something that you don’t agree with, you don’t have to immediately disagree with them. Hear them out. If you still don’t agree with them at the end, that’s okay! It’s the fact that you tried counts. You don’t have to make a point to have a conversation with someone. Ask them questions on why they feel that way. People often feel that they need to challenge someone in an argument when that isn’t true at all. You can disagree and still listen. 

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