Happiness, why is it so hard for some people to find?

We both know that people tend to live for their own happiness, or rather, their own self benefit. Like how people in real life tend to try to find happiness by trying to find ways to have fun, so did Siddartha, from our Siddartha book that we read. His entire life, he went to try to find a means to express himself and be self-fulfilled. It’s all the more common that in our everyday lives, we try to live to the fullest every chance we get, but sometimes it’s a struggle. But why is it such a struggle to be happy, to find happiness and to stay happy, I’ve asked myself. So I decided to find out why people would try to find happiness and how they’d go about doing that.

In order to see why finding happiness is so hard, I test out some ideas. So I went on a few online games, naming some would be the multiplayer in other people’s worlds in Genshin Impact, and Valorant game lobbies, and I chatted with some very nice people who I tried to befriend. That brought me temporary happiness, but then we all stopped talking after a little while, so back to the drawing board I went, and to my next idea.

And so I went back to one of my previous assignments, “My Nirvana”, to see what makes me happy, and if the same concept could be applied to everyone else in the world. For what makes me happy, it would be FPS games, and the reasons, or rather the why’s, are that I could meet new people, I can de-stress from them, and they can improve my hand eye coordination. And so, I went and asked my friends to see if meeting and making friends would make them happy, and a couple replied yes, because they would have more connections to more people, or that they just have another person that they could talk to and hang out with. So I feel like people, generally, tend to find happiness when hanging out with/meeting other people, since humans are social creatures, and they are more happy when in a community of people. And so, I am pretty sure that, the reason people tend to find happiness a little more difficult than others to obtain, is because most people these days, are extremely introverted. “introverts make up an estimated 25 to 40 percent of the population”. 

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