It’s Never Unachievable

Once upon a time, there was a boy, young and hyper, with dreams far from his grasp. Fast forward 6 years we have a very much matured young man that goes by the name of Josh Merrill, carrying the experience of somebody who dreams to be much more than he is now. Everybody is striving to be the best person they can be, and they are also striving to achieve the goals they desire. These goals come with obstacles and require certain techniques in order to be attained. One of these techniques is learning how to focus, and through the mastered ability of focus, Josh was able to achieve his goals. 

When Josh was young, he struggled to find his place. He felt out of place, not smart enough, and an overall outcast from the peers around him at school.  “Your head is on the block and all you can think of are your whiskers.” A bully told Josh. Constantly insecure and worrying about how the outside opinion felt about him. “Is this how my life is always going to be? How long am I going to be stuck like this?” Josh said. Josh was ten years old at this time and he was tired of the life he had been living his whole time and decided it was time to embark on a new journey. But first, he had to discover a method that would assist him. It was around his time he overheard two women talking when he was leaving school one day. “Here and there they sat under the trees lost in meditation or engaged in spirited talk,” one of the women said. This line is something that resonated with Josh so well and made him realize that if he set his mind to something, and disregarded the outside thought, focusing only on what he desired, he would be able to achieve his goals. From this moment on, things only got better for Josh once he began to focus. 

Weight was something Josh really struggled with. Although telling himself he would start to lose weight, he would constantly stuff himself with food when given the opportunity. It had gotten to a point where he was constantly being made fun of at school for. One day Josh stopped what he was doing and closed his eyes. Gripping his hands, he began to meditate and focus on what he needed and what his mind was telling him. And just from that moment, Josh made up his mind and set a goal, letting nothing break his focus. His weight went down and his confidence went up. Josh fought through the urge of stuffing himself with every food he saw and began to exercise daily. Within no time, Josh had transformed himself into a handsome young lad. None of this could have been possible without Josh’s willingness to focus. 

As Josh got older, reality began to settle in. Education was something that was given to you yet you still have to work hard in order to do well with the education. Josh was never an over-achieving student, he always did the bare minimum and got through with school as fast he could. Although this worked in the past, he began to grasp that he needed to work harder to improve his grades so he could be successful later in his life. As he had done with his weight loss, Josh knew he had to do the same with his education. Josh took a step back and closed his eyes, gripping his hands, and just meditated. In this state, nothing could break Josh or detour him off his path. With his goal in mind, Josh moved forward and changed all his habits. Studying ahead of time, doing homework when it is assigned, and always asking questions for more knowledge. With such simple philosophy Josh was able to become someone he never expected to be. Nobody bullied or made fun of Josh any longer and he started to feel like a normal person rather than an outcast. Focusing is a simple point of concentration anybody can achieve. It shows how if you set your mind towards something you can easily grasp it. It proves that there is not a thing in life that is never achievable. Josh Merrill was somebody who grew up feeling left out and runt. People mistreated Josh and made him feel weak, but he did not let this stop him.  Josh realized that “there is an end to suffering” and began to focus his mind on what he really wanted. Fast forward many years, Josh is a student in high school that has completely changed on the outside but is still the same at heart.

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