Finding Our “Selfs”

There was once a man who was lost in his thoughts. All his life, he had been working for others, following them, acting like a tool for them to use. He looked into the mirror and asked himself, “Where did I go wrong?” He stared and stared, wondering how he ended up licking the shoes of others. But then, he realized a change in himself. Something new. Staring into the mirror he realized that he was his own person. “I’m not a pet, a utensil for those to use. I’m myself.” He was himself. A person of his own. And he realized that he had to do something about it. Self. Self is the foundation of our human embodiment. Our thoughts and emotions are things that are derived from our Self. But what makes this idea so important? 

Our “Self” is something that we are born with. Its embodiment is what makes each and everyone one of us unique, and shapes who we are today. But, the Self can be interpreted in many ways. Some may find Self as individuality, the qualities which define someone and make them distinctive. Others may find it as a label, one that is put on your head through the actions that you do. That is what makes each one of us so special and exceptional in so many ways. The way we behave and act is taken from the character that is created by us as an individual. But, the Self in reality as a whole is more deep and unique.

 I want you to ask yourself, what makes you, you? Finding who we are, exploring our capabilities and limits, are all linked to our so-called “Self”, our inner universe, the aura that brings everything together. How are you different than other individuals? What separates you from the rest of the people around you? “Self” as a whole can help answer those questions. Sure, I may be showing off this idea of our “Selves” as something that we may already have and know of. Some may have already discovered their “Self” and truly understand who they are as a person. But there are others who are still searching. Searching for who they are, what they want to be, to do, or how they feel. Even if we still don’t understand ourselves, we shouldn’t put ourselves down, our path to discovering ourselves is just beginning. That is what makes this goal so important, even if it’s not the final product, the steps taken to find our Self are vital on their own. It helps expand on those ideas, helps create decisions, and helps us decide for our future plans and what we may want to do. So, what steps can we take toward finding our Self? Perhaps finding new interests, hobbies, things you like could support you in your journey. Finding the things you may like could create an outlook of who you are as a person. Perhaps, meeting new people, seeing how you are affected by those around you and how you as a person may truly be, while in the presence of others. Although these may be some methods to discovering who you are, remember to always ask yourself, “Is this what I really want?” Are the things you’re doing of your own will, or are you forcing yourself to take measures? Like a video game, you must climb all the levels before reaching the top, the Self. Thus, the idea of “Self” ultimately connects us all together. We all have one of our own, one that allows us to understand who we are. Finding yourself comes with time, and rushing that time would make your progress pointless. Even I still haven’t found myself yet. But, slowly, I’ll be on my way to find who I truly am…

One thought on “Finding Our “Selfs”

  1. Thank you for writing this blog post. I really liked the subject matter of the text and I really loved how your post provided an opportunity for introspection about “the self”. I love how you went about introducing the topic and how you had the reader ask a question to themselves.


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