How achievements tie into happiness

¨If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it.¨ -Muhammed Ali.

Many people have struggled to find what makes them happy. For some, it’s love, other’s a pet. When researching, I found out that many experts have agreed that happiness comes from accomplishing your goals. A great goal will motivate you so they claim. So that begs the question.

Does your happiness come from achieving your goals?

I’m a curious person at heart and I believe that I found the answer to that puzzle. In order to figure out if happiness comes from achieving your goals, we  have to determine the definition of what achieving a goal really means. For example, accomplishments are the goals we set for ourselves. They’re the targets we hit, trophies we win, places we visit, and the things we learn. Achieving your goals are the experiences that can shape who we are and help give our lives meaning. 

For example, the sport, Football, has a 32 team league with a playoffs championship that hosts the famous Super Bowl. For all players, teams, and coaches, winning is the goal. The journey towards the Super Bowl takes players along a long and winding path. While players can excel at the game and lead their team to victories; in the end, it’s a team sport. Everyone has to do their part or the whole ship sinks. Winning the Super Bowl is the result of phenomenal teamwork and chemistry. Because of this, it’s the journey, not just the final result, that makes the athlete feel happy. Many players are happy with winning the Super Bowl, but winning awards along the way and winning those games along the way is just as important if not more than winning itself.

The thrill of finally reaching a goal, and the sense of satisfaction you can gain are great. But these moments of happiness won’t last. After accomplishing one of my goals, I realized that happiness is not found in the accomplishments themselves, but in the journey in achieving those goals. It’s about knowing the hours you spent trying to complete your goal didn’t come to waste. It’s about being proud of yourself for all the progress you made. It’s about being happy that you put in the hard work and effort to accomplish and finish your goals. In conclusion, happiness indeed comes from achieving your goals, however, it’s more about the journey you’ve gone through to get there rather than the accomplishment of the goal itself.

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