In What Sense Can Regret be a Good Thing?

We all have regrets. Moments when you want to go back in time and disappear. The choices we chase (Hesse, 113). The mistakes we misguide. The lessons we learn. Regret is a loss or missed opportunity. You must admit that it is a powerful emotion that can affect the course your life takes. It is a displeasing feeling that you can not change. What we don’t realize is that regret doesn’t define who we are as human beings, but rather how it can affect us, and what we choose to do with it. Regret allows us to reflect on our mistakes and do things differently.

Regret is socially known to be a negative emotion. It is a feeling when you become lost in the moment and back out when it matters most. We are under the impression that regret is too painful for one to handle, that we fear it. But it is no use crying over spilled milk. You can not change the past, but you can learn from it. Regret allows us to reflect on our mistakes and helps us realize that our actions have consequences. They keep us on our toes and prompt us to think carefully, allowing for different results.

Regret follows us as we grow up whether we like it or not. Our core memories connect to our regrets no matter how hard we try to forget it. Regret is defined as Regret is defined as feeling sad, repentant, or disappointed over (something that has happened or been done, especially a loss or missed opportunity). We can’t necessarily live without regret because there are things that we always want to change, at one moment you may think that a decision will help you in the long run but end up being the complete opposite. But regret is not something to be discouraged by and run away from. Regret allows us to avoid certain situations when they may appear. For example, you had a friendship that felt more like family but you lost it. The next time a friendship reaches the point of similarity of parallels to your last relationship you may do things differently and talk to that friend about your worries so you can live without regret. Regret can lead to better things.

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