Offerings of the outside.

As the bartenders hear, the skies turn clearer and clearer with every second. Many ask, “What does the world teach that the teacher doesn’t?” There are many things in this world that can be taught. Your parents, teachers at school, and friends don’t teach you everything. Instead, most of your knowledge will be founded upon this world. You will always learn, either from a nature walk or talking to others. Everything is always and always isn’t everything. Everything you see is always a new experience, though the things that you experience aren’t always new, a discovery. 

The world teaches because it is what you imagine it to be. It’s like how the river spills thoughts into Siddhartha’s head. We realize that it is not the river, but instead, it’s Siddhartha himself thinking these thoughts of the world. Everyone sees the world differently. One may see trees as a beautiful addition to the scenery, others will deem it as a falter as it makes the skies plastic. How the sounds of rain and water generate a different sense of thought into someone, instills calmness while letting you lead on with your thinking. This, in reality, doesn’t do anything but as you think, you discover the cycle of life just like how “Water will go to water,” and “Life will not be won alone.” Things that just make sense, grind, earn, repeat. That is the cycle of human nature, everyone lives alike another yet none is the same. It is the enduring cycle of life, the cycle that everyone lives through, and the patterns of nature prevail. Nature is all about patterns, how the goddess of the earth makes it revolve around her, how with time, everything will reset back to normal as if nothing ever happened. It just takes time to learn, like how it takes time to reset. Even if everything resets, comes back to normal, nothing is ever the same. The way that nature revolves around the world is just like the way you see things from a third-person perspective. It is as if “Somebody wiped a steamy window and I could see the world for what it is.

I saw the one playday that we had as a perfect example of what the world offers that the teacher doesn’t. We yearn for freedom, and from that, we learn. We experience creativity, we experience thoughts that aren’t restricted to the lesson. Our minds get free to roam over the field of creativity. It really opened my eyes to the things that we can learn outside of the classroom, a viewpoint that isn’t focused on the lesson and the things that are being taught. It gives us the creativity to learn from others and gather information in a much funnier and interesting way. The essence of play itself is “practical, and it’s very important.” It’s just like the things that we learn outside of school, street smarts. In order to get the street smarts that many adults have, you have to play and get rid of the rules that bind you. Schools don’t teach you how to interact with others, it teaches you how to do an equation and solve it. The things that teach you to interact are play, recess, and break that we get. It doesn’t direct your life in a way that talking to others does. It’s the world, go out and explore. Learn the smarts that the schools don’t teach.

But what if the school taught you all of life’s needs, all of life’s necessities? That’s impossible. Years of learning cannot teach the ways of talking to people, it doesn’t come from learning. Connections with people can fetch you a great amount of help and knowledge. This makes you learn from friends and friends can provide support for the many things that you need. It’s the way of life, being taught does not mean you have learned everything. It’s like how Siddhartha refused to accept the beliefs of the superior “buddha,” the ways of the great. He knows in order to learn, he must try. This not trying led him to experience life. Experience the river and use the river as a way to dwell on his thoughts and come to conclusions. Just like how we come to conclusions in life. Living a satisfying life is all that matters, and life can teach you how to do it. It is in human nature to interact as we learn from others and dwell on our thoughts. It comes naturally to learn from the people who have been in your life.

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