The River of Truth: What It Takes To Find Happiness

What does it take for one to be happy and content with life in the cycle? 

Intro: The Cycle 

There is a saying that life is like a river–it flows–and keeps going, despite the rocks and dirt that gets thrown in its path. That seems to be the only job a river has and the concept itself is very interesting. It follows one path and one path only, almost mindlessly. It makes you wonder, is there ever a way to just stop? Are you really getting anything out of this? Many people may definitely find themselves stuck in a cycle without having any idea on how to get out of it all because of the things that prevent them from reaching maximum potential. The topic that I’m trying to tackle here is happiness. Of course, every person is different in their methods of achieving this kind of goal. However, this is mainly dependent on what type of environment people are raised in and the psychology behind it. So the question is, what defines the cycle of life? It’s defined in the dictionary commonly as existing; however, there is a harsh reality to that fact. I’ve always seen “life” as a series of events that no one has control over. Over the years, though I have learned first-hand that it is wrong to try and control that tide as it will only bring upon more pain, burden, and sadness. 

Enter: Nirvana

I always wondered how people were able to love themselves so easily. From the very moment I saw the real world, it always seemed like I was stuck through an endless tunnel. I always compared myself to other people and found it almost impossible to see the best in myself. This has become a big problem in our society and it stems from the fear of not fitting in or not being good enough. If we always compare ourselves to other people, if we always want more, we will never be content with ourselves. I concluded that, in order to move on I need to learn more about what makes me truly happy. I recently made a presentation on one of my guilty comfort treats, mint chocolate chip ice cream. The topic may seem very silly but the most important thing of all though, it is something that makes me really happy and can make my day better in an instant. That’s why it’s important to think about yourself. To care about yourself. Remember that it’s okay to be selfish sometimes. There is plenty of time to find something worth fighting for. I’ve always had this irrational fear of allowing people to get through the walls of my heart. Looking at my reflection per say. It’s very difficult to be content with yourself and the life you are leading. I don’t know much about myself and I can’t even name many things that I enjoy doing. Life can be overwheling sometimes but there’s always something to smile for in the midst of the fight against darkness. It is said that “In life one finds friends in the strangest places” and I’m so grateful for that fact. That’s one of life’s greatest pleasures. It’s not impossible to overcome the barriers of fear preventing happiness but, it will take a whole lot of courage and determination to get there.

Conclusion: Overcoming fear

Overcoming a dark, hidden fear is one of the most difficult feats humans can accomplish. Some people may fall and fail a hundred times. Still however, it is one of the bravest things someone can do not only for themself but for the people around them. From the beginning to the end of the book Siddhartha, he struggles with trying to find himself and explains how he fears himself the most. After reading the book, I concluded that this fear of the self is what’s really preventing him from achieving the happiness that he wants.  Furthermore, throughout the journey Siddhartha takes it seems that he’s always asking himself the same questions, “Are we on the right road? Are we gaining knowledge? Are we approaching salvation? Or are we perhaps going in circles—we who thought to escape from the cycle?” The reason I resonated with Siddhartha in “Siddhartha” was because it was simply relatable in that sense. Nonetheless, whether it’s something materialistic or simply a tangible thing, happiness is most certainly obtainable. There’s no way we humans will always make the smartest decisions. The cycle may become draining at times but that doesn’t stop the river from arriving at its destination. Most of the time a river would flow in one direction but, in the end, it is our decision whether or not we want to bring forth a new path to the future. All there is left to worry about is the challenges it holds.

For once I don’t want to run away anymore. 

One thought on “The River of Truth: What It Takes To Find Happiness

  1. I really enjoyed your writing, and I totally agree with you. I think many people struggle with comparing themselves to others and not being able to love themselves. You also talked about how there is always something to smile for in the fight against darkness. How can you find this “something” to smile for?


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