The Truth of The Material World

Man is like unto a mouse no matter how many times it has happened before, they always fall into the trap once more.

As life goes on, the material world continues to deteriorate the *Selfs* (Def. Below) of mankind by distracting them from obtaining their true desires. Wealth and temporal objects on earth can cause humans to lose hold of their focus toward personal growth and connection. This focus is what eventually leads to greater success and happiness in life. But, the world and its desires place a roadblock that doesn’t permit someone to continue on this path. It captures them in a world where wealth and possessions become a burden. Once obtained, this trap holds almost all of mankind captive in an illusion that material things are the way to happiness in life when in reality, it is just a major distraction from the true happiness in life. These illusions are constantly blinding people and causing them to lose their focus through temporal pleasures that ultimately lead to greater sorrow and grief as time goes on. In these times of many distractions, all people need to understand the effects that the material world has on a person’s own being. Everyone should understand that seeking after material possessions, in time, stops a person’s growth and development to their Self’s full potential. Instead of searching for these things a person needs to work to grow and become the Self they want to become.

Another way that the material world is a disease to a person’s Self is of the way it can diminish morals. As humans, most people have their own morals that they stick to and live by. These morals are what makes a person who they are and characterizes their Self. As people seek material gain they begin to lose their old thought process and replace it with a new selfish thought process. These people start to only think of themselves instead of being empathetic and helping others. In a recent study it has been proven that those who have been able to obtain worldly wealth, are more apathetic to others than those who do not have as much. In fact, classes with the lowest amount of material gain are proven to be more generous with their possessions than the higher class would be. This is a great example of how material gain damages a person’s morals and causes them to be more apathetic towards others. These things really change who a person is and who they become.

On the other hand these accusations of the effects of the material world could be false. The world of possessions and wealth could be used as a tool to help a person grow to reach the Self they want to become. These things can allow people all over the world to better connect themselves with others because of the material advantages that they possess. It allows for more opportunities to help others and become a light in people’s lives. This way, those with material advantages can work to end some of the many problems that are prevalent in this day and age. These opportunities would not only bless many struggling people, but would cause the Samaritan to become overall happier. Additionally, material growth can be used to help a person grow further in life. Possessions can not buy growth in a person’s Self, but using those things allows for greater ways to learn and grow. A person can achieve their learning and growth by doing this without being distracted by the world’s habits of selfishness and greed. It is up to each and every person to decide which path they will take in the material world.

*Self* – true inner person inside of each and every one of us

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