What is the point of exceeding other people’s expectations?

Man is born with expectations that should be found after he sets his own. Everyone is expected to exceed certain expectations, but they don’t realize that you have to prioritize yourself and your growth. What others think of you is not important at all because at the end of the day you succeed by focusing on yourself and not others. 

All of our fruits, vegetables, and meats are all coming from animals that are being controlled by farmers. Farmers sacrifice a lot of their physical health to get the products that are needed to be sold at big markets such as Albertsons or Stater Bros. When we shop for the products we expect it to be at the market fully stocked so we could eat it. The expectations that we have on the farmers are very high because they are constantly working hard everyday for food to be on the plate.

A student expected to get straight A’s and go straight to a 4 year college by their parents. A student’s life should not just revolve around school because otherwise you would go crazy. It is important to participate in extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs, and volunteering. Getting an hour of fresh air is so crucial because it lets your mind get off of things besides academics. When you take the pressure off of a person, then they will perform better because they don’t have the pressure of others

Friends should never have expectations of you no matter how close you are to them. If a friend does something bad they shouldn’t expect you to do something bad with them because it could affect your future. When a friend expects a lot from you it often leads to disappointment because most of the expectations are never completed. The healthiest friendships are when friends have respect for each other and are trustworthy. It could negatively affect the friendship if the person doesn’t do what is expected so it’s best to just not force things onto people.

No matter how many expectations people have of you, it is important to set and accomplish your own goals. Putting too much pressure on people makes them feel like you are dependent on them. You know your limits and your goals, so don’t let people’s standards for you interrupt or get in the way of it. You know yourself better than anyone, set your goals to your comfortability. 


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  2. Siddhartha
  3. Life Philosophy 101- Stoicism

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