Sharing is Caring

Creating conversations about serious topics allows awareness to be spread. By conversing with family members and friends, ideas will be put out into the world and, hopefully, listened to. It creates depth in an average conversation. Because momentous global issues aren’t commonly existent when talking to family and friends, presenting these topics will create a memorable conversation and directly link that memory to the global issue in need of addressing. It is important to bring these issues into a conversation, but it is also significant to research the topic before spreading information about it. The spread of false information about significant issues can be harmful. Doing research from first-hand experiences like blog posts, interviews, journal entries, poems, and documentaries, is the best way to gain a first-hand perspective about the issue and create an understanding of the people’s emotions and thoughts on the event.

Page 174 from George Takei, Justin Eisinger, and Steven Scott’s They Called Us Enemy. Art by Harmony Becker.

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