My home, my country, my pride, and my safe hold is America. She is the reason that I still love to go to school and why I want to be a better person. My faith and pride is in America. 

“O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave

O’er the land of the free

And the home of the brave?”

I could go on and on about why I love America and why America is such a great country. But, I just want to write about a few things that I love about my country. The first thing that I love about America is how it came to be. Starting off, America was just a weak colony that could easily be overrun by American Indians. It was entirely controlled by the British king and the largest navy that had ever existed until this time. When being controlled too much by King George III the colonies decided to take things into their own hands and they pushed for change in order to become an independent country. This first push for change has created a continuous ability to change America for the better through the work of democracy. To me, this is what makes America such a great country. She is malleable and able to be changed and for the better of the future. It is what separates America from most other countries. Unlike other countries America has never stopped growing, maturing, and developing for the past 250 years. I also love America because of the ability that all people can have a different opinion and be heard. Living in this beautiful country, I’ve been able to experience many different times when people have spoken out against our government and eventually it gets changed for the better. That’s how America and any other country can improve. Speak out for your rights, freedom, family and religion…. And then the entire world will be on the rise of improvement. 

They Called Us Enemy

Even after everything the Japanese went 

through, many still thought that America has 

a very great government. 

(Go read the graphic novel) 

Although I admire America so much I believe that she is still fallible and will make some mistakes. After reading They Called Us Enemy, I learned about the injustices that still exist in America today. The American government made some terrible mistakes with the incarceration of the Japanese and the issue has still not been fully addressed. During WWII the Japanese were segregated from the rest of society and looked at as enemies. They were stripped of their possessions and 120,000 of them were sent to incarceration camps where they were treated poorly. This stains America’s past, but we must now work so that it never happens again. I feel very strongly that everyone should be treated equally and with respect. I believe that America is working to become as equal as possible, but there is always more room for improvement. Through peaceful reform and not violent reform we can continue to help America grow. As Americans we also need to remember the Japanese incarceration camps. As we mourn over some areas of America’s past we can learn from it and make sure that it never happens again. Also we have a duty to take care of the less fortunate countries around us and help them reach where we are at now. We need to all exercise our rights in order to KEEP America and the rest of the world great.

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