Press Rewind

“Why’d you spend your time leading the chorus

When the war was just waiting for us?”

The idea of choosing to conform or resist is a recurring concept that often comes to mind. In a tough situation, not many would voluntarily choose the easy way out. Why? No one wants to be ashamed of their decision. Taking the easier route almost always includes a catch, a price you must pay regardless of your interests. Still, what would you do if these circumstances threatened your life? To flee from the confrontations can be comparable to encountering punishments that are less severe.

“I’ll take the desert, you take the coast

But to each his own”

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“To Each His Own” by Talos is a song that correlates with what we’re learning right now. At first listen, no one thinks too much of the lyrics. After frequently rewinding the song, I can find lots of imagery hidden throughout the song. In the comic, “They Called Us Enemy”, the parents were doing their absolute best to make decisions that would not affect the lives of their precious children. I don’t know about you, but I would view this as selfless behavior. Back to the song, the singer mentioned that there was a so-called war approaching as the other person is said to be resistant to the events surrounding them. Understanding that a desert’s conditions are worse than the conditions of the coast was something one must consider. I believe that the singer, Talos, wanted to protect the person closest to him by sacrificing himself and his blissful memories. Furthermore, Talos was hopeful that the individual would thrive, especially when the window of opportunity opened.

The title of the song is an example of the figurative language, idiom. An idiom is a phrase or expression that carries a concealed meaning. In this case, the purpose is to point out to the audience that everyone is allowed to have their own preferences except there isn’t a 100% guarantee that they will be accepted by society. Even now, discrimination and racial inequality are issues that we must face. As time flies by, I hope that these issues stop repeating and that we can continue learning from our past.

“I’ll take the desert, you take the coast

But to each his own”

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