From the day we’re born to the day we die, we face pain, misery, and challenges unforeseen. Our mistakes and regrets haunt us all deeply. We often will ask ourselves how we could have done such things? How could we have inflicted others with such pain? The typical person would seem to forget these thoughts and continue as if nothing has happened. It takes true strength for an individual to learn to change for the greater good. Yet alone a society whose ideals change with the gust of the wind.

      All it often takes is for a whole society to face hard times is an adverse change to take place. As the people become so desperate they are willing to accept brutality against others. If it means that they will feel any safer. To avoid their own mistakes and regrets, those blamed are called scapegoats. Hate is bred and created to harm these scapegoats. We have seen this happen in history when Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany’s problems and the people of Germany believed them. Since they were poor from the previous war and seeking change. If they were happy and rich Hitler would never have been elected.

(Guernica was painted by Pablo Picasso after the city was bombed by Germans)

       As so often in history people forget these tragedies and don’t take the time to reflect on their actions. As the situation of scapegoats has happened more times than can be conceivable. Even in the United States, the land many consider being liberated from those evils. It’s also the land where there were concentration camps for the Japanese, during world war 2. We feared them so we blamed them all and sent them to a merciless fate.

       We may constantly tell society to stop and reflect. However, nothing is more powerful than the imbued emotions of people who blindly act. With no knowledge of the past and its lessons. I doubt they ever will truly know. So, the leaders that we chose must be the ones who reflect and are pressured by us all to do so. So, that once and for all we may never blame another group of people for their race religion, or creed.

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