The Difference in Times

Back during World War II, all the Japanese Americans were taken and put into internment camps, where their livelihoods were basically stripped away and the children didn’t really know what was happening. During the war, there was lots of discrimination, and so much fighting that people didn’t care about the conditions that they were given inside the camps. There was also a lot of prejudice due to the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor. If you look at how people back then were, and people now, you could see a clear difference. People now are all about equality and helping each other, while the Japanese Americans were harshly discriminated against, 

Courtesy of Encyclopedia Britannica 

Though most people these days are against racism and discrimination, there are still people still being attacked for baseless reasons. Take Ukraine, for example. Vladimir Putin is using the excuse that they are Nazis and that they need to be taken over to stop them. While in reality, there are no Nazis there, and Putin just wants to expand Russia. Discrimination exists in any time period, and does still exist today because of people’s subconscious biases. However, most of that is in the past, and racism and discrimination are not as blatant as it was during the war.

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