Racist Pasts and Presents

In the comic that I have drawn, there are 6 total panels that point out issues within the current world. The first panel pulls a newspaper article from our local city, Santa Ana, and addresses the issue of racism towards Asian Americans. The two following panels display two people and their internalized thoughts about each other. The infamous Corona Virus has been nicknamed “China Virus” and portrays a harmful connotation towards anyone of Asian descent. Treatment towards people of different races are unjust. People still have not learned from the past to repeat the same mistakes. The fourth panel illustrates the sides of victims and perpetrators of the Corona Virus, World War II, and Black Lives Matter issue. 

Hate crimes must be stopped and the promotion of White supremacists plays a big role. No race should be more superior than the other and love should have been spread during these rough times instead of hatred. Although we can never change what has happened in the past, we can only look back and learn. In order to solve sensitive issues like these, we can only learn to educate the younger generations that will run the future. We are aware of the issues and we must change the justice system in order to stop the spread of hate. 

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