A Growing Young Man

In the graphic novel, They Called Us Enemy, there were many things that I noticed. One important point I noticed would be when the children ask their parents “Daddy where are we going?” The father responded with “A very long vacation.” I noticed this because I realized that the parents did not want their children thinking about the harsh things in life and only about the good parts. The reason for this would be that the children are too young and was too immature to understand the situation. Not only that, but I related this part into my life and when I experienced this situation. When I was younger, I would ask my mother many, many questions that I wasn’t mature enough to realize the situation. She tried telling me the answer, but in a very “different” way. This “different” way would be simply using a kid-friendly filter. After reading that part, I made that connection with the graphic novel. 

Maturing is a natural thing which happens to every person. It mainly takes place during the ages from 13 to 19. The person that is in the process of maturing may not see the progress, but the people around them do. This could be whether your parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and many more. But the big question you may wondering would be, “How do you know you’re maturing.” Simple. You don’t. The process is not an overnight action, but takes years, depending on the person. Some actions that show you are maturing would be having more common sense, making better decisions and behaving in a better manner are just some examples that show you are maturing. A big key factor for me personally, would be getting your priorities straight. This would mean putting school first and the relationships and fun afterwards. Another possibility would be getting a job and start making money! Even to start helping your mother around the house show key factors to the people around you.

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