Generational Differences

We all have parents that have their own parents. What makes their generation different from ours? Recognizing that the older generation may not understand us and at times we would not be able to understand them either. Everyone’s experiences are different so it makes sense to not understand someone at first but learning about their experiences could change your mind. Personally, my mother had many hardships that she tells stories of when I was little until now. When I was little, I could care less about my mother’s stories but now, as a teenager, I learned to appreciate the stories and got my eyes open about her hardships. I consider myself lucky in comparison to my parents and their parents because I have a privileged life here while they went through hell to get here. That is why I try my best to understand where my parents come from, even if their values go against mine. I still try my best to understand. 

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In some panels of They Called Us Enemy, the author talks about how the older generation of Japanese Americans are affected by the internment camps and how the younger parents are dealing with it. But not just during the internment camp era, there are differences within the generation that had to go through the process of internment camps and the younger generation that was born after the internment camps. Just like my experiences, the younger generation might feel guilt after learning about what their parents had to go through and how “lucky” they got.

When listening to the Play Mountain Podcast, I remembered hearing about how play-grounds and methods for kids to play back then was very boring and not creative. There was an artist trying to get his ideas out of these play-grounds that gave kids more creativity and freedom. Nowadays, there are a bunch of playgrounds that allow for kids to play with more creative freedom. This ties in with the rest of the writing because kids now get many different ways to explore their own way to play rather than the kids back then had things that followed a rule basically.

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