It Requires a Start

The world is filled with problems and everyone has picked up on at least one of the problems. Some people will see a problem for the first time and say, “Well, someone else can fix it?” The next time they see the problem. “I’ll just fix it later if someone doesn’t.” It happens again. “Why hasn’t anyone fixed it yet?” There are many problems in the world that are unsolved because people aren’t willing to take initiative. If everyone has the mindset that someone will eventually step up and fix an issue, the issue will never be resolved. 

Reading through “They Called Us Enemy” by George Takei, Justin Eisinger, and Steven Scott, I noticed a theme in that someone always stepped up. Whether it was at the camps to help sustain a small amount of control within everyone, or creating things to better the comfort at the camp, there was always someone starting it. I then made this connection to things gradually getting better in the comic. Taking initiative might not resolve the issue right away, but it does create an opening for others who are bystanders for whatever reason to come in and help.

In this comic strip, George Takei is trying to learn more about the situation and he and many other Japanese were put in.
From “They Called Us Enemy”

A lot of people don’t want to start fixing an issue because they don’t know where to start. A small issue like breaking your phone, has definitive solutions. Getting a new phone or fixing it. Bigger issues like racism in a community, is nearly impossible to find a solution. From my reading and research at websites, I have found that one of the first steps a person can take is educating themselves. Knowing more about a topic like the origins of it, past events, other people’s thoughts and opinions, etc. can really help a person begin their road in trying to fix an issue.

A site that I was recommended to and found useful specifically for preventing Asian Americans and Pacific Islander hate was Stop AAPI Hate. It offered ways to report hate crimes, how to prevent it, and overall just spreading information on a topic. This is just one of the many organizations trying to spread awareness to AAPI hate. There are also other organizations out there focusing on spreading awareness to other issues in the world. Organizations like this one are essential when it comes to solving a major issue because not only have they taken initiative in solving the issue, but they have opened up a way for others to begin as well.

The world isn’t perfect. There are many things wrong with it, but a lot of the issues can be fixed. All it needs is for someone to begin.

Courtesy of Myself

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