The Homework Is Due… Maybe Later

Endure, Comprehend, Overcome

Procrastination is opportunity’s natural assassin,

a little awareness makes all the difference,

and the perfect time to strike is when you know…


Not everyone can stay focused on a specific task at hand for hours and hours, yet still have the mindset to keep progressing. It takes effort. For certain individuals, tasks that could be regarded as tedious and boring may include finishing school assignments, watching your mom’s shopping cart, or household chores. These responsibilities are boring. Thus, some folks may attempt to distract themselves from their assigned occupation to increase ones content; then people start praying to a random religious figure that the decision they are making at the current moment won’t come back and bite them in their rear some day. Don’t make this mistake. Speaking from my own experience, the world is a cruel, dark, and terrible place to live in. Unfortunately, going on your phone and playing Clash Of Clans for eight hours straight will not prevent the inevitable, inescapable, and unavoidable fate of having to do your AP Euro homework. I bet $2 that you already want to click out of this.

There was a really wicked smart English teacher I have, who even was prepared for a zombie apocalypse, that was explaining why college students drop and struggle with their academics. The main point he shared with his audience was that many students didn’t have the academic endurance, which caused the undergraduates to be unclear about the subject. Having academic endurance will help. In order to set up his students to success, he introduced to his favorite students a way to train academic endurance. Doodling, quite effective for those who have trouble talking to someone boring on the phone for a long period of time; Doodle while learning. Personally and through some recent experience, I believe this is a great way to train your attention span and endurance. It’s fun and helpful. That teacher really is wicked smart.

That’s what your dinosaur looks like when you were suppose to be tending to your responsibilities right? I give it a 7/10 for effort.
The video shown above explains some other methods that you can do to train your “focus muscles”. It does a great job in connecting how training focus is just like training anything else. Hopefully you haven’t lost focus on your work and stumbled upon this like me. Oh, the irony.


To endure is the first step to overcome this problem and not the last. If you don’t know what you are suppose to do or fail to understand and learn; there was no point of spending your precious time holding back your tears because you were listening to instructions for 3 hours straight while drawing that interesting looking dinosaur? Yes, that is right, this post is not just about enduring. Knowledge is a strength. For some people, understanding something can be challenging and actually requires brain power. Honestly, an easy way to understand something is just having a good teacher and having them guide you. People who know, can help you. The hard way to understand a concept is studying until you get it right. Though, both ways do have their perks, just one is probably easier than the other. I had trouble understanding math lessons during my school year. Luckily for me, my father is well versed in the world of math, he is a great teacher and helped me understand math really quickly. Khan Academy also does an amazing job teaching, so there is a link for those who may be in a pinch. Khan Academy is free and effective. Supposedly, knowing why something works will only help you.

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand” – Albert Einstein

I wonder what’s under that big text book…

Endurance and comprehension. The two skills that can be crucial to one’s success. I heard of a few myths that show this. There was this one guy who endured all hardships and understood what they needed to do, thus took back the sun to better the lives of their people. Another guy also brought the summer to their region to bring warmth, going through a long and tough adventure. To endure a journey or speech, both will need the right mindset. Have a clear path. Keeping your goal in your head can help you achieve what you want, but you will need to notice the hardships you may face and what you will have to persevere through. Stopping to play every 5 minutes during your work is not a healthy habit. You can trust me, I experienced it first hand. To learn when you are enduring a task is something one must be willing to do if they are to overcome their task effectively. You have to be someone that can work when it is time to work and someone who plays when it is time to play, just like me. All the time I have is for playing. In conclusion, this is what I feel. In my eyes, fortune does not favor the strong. It favors the dedicated.

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