The Battles We Fight

Throughout our life, we face many battles that we often do not know we fight it. It doesn’t necessarily mean where we fight with someone or something else, but we fight through our internal and external conflicts. We all do different activities to get past our struggles in everyday life.

I faced many physical and mental challenges throughout my life. I’ve lost a very good friend of mine (as we also lost a Baron family member two days ago), faced through injuries, stress from homework, and struggle doing the things I do not know how to do. Even though I face these challenges I am still able to show up to school and do every assignment. Doing the things I love to do helps make everyday life better.

I play many sports, such as soccer, basketball, tennis, running, and more to help me finish through each day. Playing sports helps me take a break from school and concentrate on what I am currently doing. In addition, it helps me get more focus when I come back and do my homework. Doing sports also makes me spend more time with my team and it helps me enjoy sports even more because we are interacting with each other; like Mr. Theriault said “Us humans, are social creatures.” After doing sports for two hours, I get very hungry and eating is a good way to replenish the nutrients and vitamins I have lost. Eating food is one of the best things I do in life, as it replenishes my body with nutrients, makes me happy, especially when my stomach is growling, and it is where you get to try the new tastes of different cultures. However, you can not make a complete meal without mother nature’s help. Planting helps complete my meals with the things I grow, bell peppers, avocado, green onions, and onions. I enjoy watching things grow from a seed to a fruit or vegetable. Knowing where my food comes from helps to know where I get it and when it is from my own garden it makes the food even better.

Enjoying what I do helps me face the challenges I face regularly. It improves my time management skills, my mental health, and social skills. Without enjoying the things I love, I would not be able to survive this challenging world.

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